Even though Bast could potentially use nanite tech and potentially simulation tech for next-tier shipyards, keep in mind that starships are supposed to be that one resource in the game that's rare and expensive, making them a luxury owning even 100 will look good to a colony. It's not supposed to be as abundant as other resources like steel or food.
I have a new map mode suggestion, apart from regular single city and region. In this mode, the map is infinite.
Core Functions:

There will be obviously render distance, similar to MC2. You can adjust this in the engine settings and variable can be 50x50, 100x100, 200x200, and 500x500 for those high end pcs. This settings is for ingame, buildable, interactable setting.

For when you do move (pan up, down, left, right), the game will decompile/compile to load those size-controlled chunks. This process will happen in the background, similar to when the game autosaves in the background, so that you can still move around and stuff, not be stuck waiting for chunks to load.
The way the resources will come in from other compiled chunks is that the game will calculate the buildings' resource production and add upon the resource stat. The time interval for each time the game adds the resource can be how it is collected when you are in region view, but I figured that it could be 8 times faster intervals ((theUsualRegionResourceStatTimer) / 8), or it can be 4 times fast intervals, or engine settings (2x, 4x, 8x, up to 16x). This though depends on performance reasoning, so if you decide just to stick with 4x faster than region collection timer, it's fine.

When you load the game save, have it so it's like region view so that you can easily go to that chunk instead of loading into the game right away and move to that spot while it decompiles/compiles. These chunks from region view can be a simple 100x100 chunk distance between each other, so not necessary engine settings. It's good for you to have region view so that you can practically 'teleport' to that part of this infinite map conveniently better.
My Reasoning For This:

The reason why I want this cool mode because I always thought and wished of having it and I thought it won't be a whole another long project, as it only requires a few extra functions. I always wanted to just build those ore refineries forever and ever in those lines lol, and ofcourse watching my steel go up, making the game really fun for the user. Also, it could be a potential premium feature or not, this is obviously up to you.
Questions From U Guys And Developer Bast:

If there are any questions or problems as you think it might be hard to develop this feature, let me know so I can help and hopefully find a solution.
I hope this might be popular. :)

Last thing, I did see RekEm1999's post ( https://www.ape-apps.com/viewpage.php?p=44761 ), much later after this thought of this feature. I hope this could be a better solution, because it would be buggy if region maps' grid overlaps or something when switching cities, so that I want to point out, but overall idea, I'm with RekEm1999.
[[2]] QOL Improvements:

Add upgrade for Potato Patch (Potato patch to Advanced Hydroponics),
Add upgrade for Charcoal compactor (Charcoal compactor to Charcoal converter),
Add upgrade for Charcoal pile (Charcoal pile to Subterranean Charcoal Cavern).

It will be cool to see when you are building, you can click on one corner and click on some other side (kind of Voxel Paint's fill option) and you can build mass amounts of buildings quickly and conveniently. I think it would be a great addition to the building category, as for some people in region cities would like to just easily build building blueprints using less time.
[[3]] Additive Content (Not majorly suggesting):

Add tiers for:

- Ore Refinery,
- Microchip Factory,
- Textile Mill,
- Ant Paste Synthesizer,
- Charcoal Converter,
- Gold Synthesis Lab,
- Cloning Facility,
- Shipyard,
- Helium Nanomine (if you not planing with Gold Synthesis Lab or other buildings, but recommended not
to do this buildings (Helium Nanomine) to find reason for other buildings individual uniqueness in
resource production),
- Any other building I missed that is tiered from a previous building, obviously not all buildings,
- Obviously not all buildings will get upgrades.
- Tech for these buildings will be in Simulated Fabrication (The 35B Research one).

Overall point is that this 'simulated colony' is fabricated virtual resources and is sending it to the real colony.
Building themes (colors, etc) can relate to Simulated buildings like Nanite Factory and Software Studio.
Some existing buildings might be adjusted (example: Brick Factory, being very vigorous in it's fast production) to balance out the game and have that feel of My Colony - ness.

Again, not wanting this 'upgrade tier' feature, but a potential.
Have a good day!

Notes: Important Targets for this suggestion: Only [[1]] and [[2]].
I suggest that there should be a mass removal option of vegetation like trees and sugarcane, though, this can also imply for non-vegetation like crystalline and diamond growth, pretty much anything that has a spread rate. The reason for this is when you have a large map, but it's already starting to spread its own vegetation quickly, making it hard to contain. It wouldn't be a problem if it weren't a performance issue. I think it would be great and alters minimal changes to the vanilla style of the game.
Can you see if you can some how speed up the rendering so that it matches offline colony rendering? I noticed that if you create an online colony when panning, you can see it just renders slower than offline. Is there a way to kind of fix that or speed it up? I used nearly bare minimum engine settings when testing this.
I noticed that for Deluxe Bussing Authority, Tall Construction is the tech requirement, but Megabots are used to build it. A mistake? I here point it out for you.

Also, in Encyclopedia, the Terrain tab doesn't have the terrain objects in alphabetical order, jtlyk.
Add sell ability to bulldozer for very quick selling. Also have, in building gui, the 'delete all' option to not just make all buildings disappear but also their resources to be sold. Very helpful.


Can you have the part where it says 'File', 'Edit', 'Insert', etc GUI be expandable? So that when you want to export the png, it would take the full 1920x1080 instead of the 1920x1008 when you hit F11 to full-screen Chrome. I see that it "screenshots" the model, but not the part where the gui is in the way. It's important for making icon sprites so they will ratioly align and not cause blurry details. This would be helpful, thx.
For MC2, I know I mentioned it before, but are you going to add the progress bar on buildings? Also, another thing, for modding of buildings, can you have the option for customizing the amount of resources you get from selling the building? Like maybe you want to sell the building for 100% the amount you bought it for. I think it will be interesting for some modded bundles.
I think Bast, the next update you should include a GUI for building stats like in MC1 where you click on a building and go into stats. Also, another thing everyone wants is a progress bar of production buildings, it is the only reason why people feel happy about a building producing resources. A few, probably known bugs you should fix is when a player tries to click on an ore (or other) deposit, it doesn't show how much you have. Everything else is good. Like the modding integration. Happy New Year.
11mo ago
Thankyou Bastecklein for adding such features as the opacity and other cool ones like metallicity and particle effects; also along with the performance integration. Great work! Getting exciting myself. XD
The next project you should work on is having opacity for voxel paint and MC2 so that colors can have characteristics of 'glass'. I think it would be important, especially in the development of MC2.
One more thing, when will this bug be fixed?

Ex: 0.15 or 0.16.
For MC2, is the pavement road mod speed working properly? Because before they used to not affect the vehicles at all and I tried to do something with that, only ending up unsuccessful. Could it be still in development? Or fixed? LMK.
I would imagine how MC2 would be like when the game gets released. Gets exciting every each update!
I had the same problem. This should be an urgent fix because I keep waiting for the update on it so that I don't lose so much of civics that some buildings requires above 3K.
Recently I've been playing with Insectoid race and I just today claimed Independence, but after I did that everything went ok until my civics out of nowhere went back to zero than climbs to like 1500-3500 civics than it disappears again over and over. It's weird and I don't know to not lose it all because I've been trying to farm it for a core mine upgrade, but it just keeps on disappearing. It getting upset about this. Update asap if you can! :)

What I meant was like 'not all buildings to the gold refinery occupied'. I don't mean a list of each building of that type that doesn't have a worker. Just show the type of building that needs more workers to the top.
Can you this very useful idea of having what buildings have vacant jobs in the Economy>Job report. It will really help what buildings don't have people in it (red) and what buildings are already occupied (blue and light blue).
If you agree, thanks!
Can you make a storage building, ( or add storage in a existing building), for Regolith? It will be very helpful, especially if the colony is at advance growth. Make a buillding with storage about 30,000. Plz., and thx.
The Small recycling center has a problem. Even if there is nobody working or is vacant it still consumes trash. Please fix, a bug report.


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