RE:Adding in the economy section of buildings with and without people working in it.

2019-10-06 13:19:54
What I meant was like 'not all buildings to the gold refinery occupied'. I don't mean a list of each building of that type that doesn't have a worker. Just show the type of building that needs more workers to the top.

Adding in the economy section of buildings with and without people working in it.

2019-10-05 19:11:28
Can you this very useful idea of having what buildings have vacant jobs in the Economy>Job report. It will really help what buildings don't have people in it (red) and what buildings are already occupied (blue and light blue).
If you agree, thanks!

Regolith Storage

2019-07-12 23:26:05
Can you make a storage building, ( or add storage in a existing building), for Regolith? It will be very helpful, especially if the colony is at advance growth. Make a buillding with storage about 30,000. Plz., and thx.

Small recycling center problem.

2019-07-10 23:19:38
The Small recycling center has a problem. Even if there is nobody working or is vacant it still consumes trash. Please fix, a bug report.

Where is the storage bar?

2019-07-01 22:16:31
I was hovering my mouse over storages when I see something not really the usual. There is no bar. Hopefully this will be fixed. 🙁


2019-06-20 21:45:19
Can you please make some sort of pavement that is faster than +2 speed, because I would like my workers to go a little faster when harvesting to get the resource faster. Hopefully, you'll figure something out to improve. : )

I can't click on colonists.

2019-05-30 15:34:37
The colonists are doing good, but you can't click them directly to see their status and etc. Hopefully this can be changed or something.

RE:Volcano beach

2018-10-04 21:02:40
By the way here's my world that's interesting!!!! -
A map to have fun with. Lots of resources like crazy, ab it challenging, and has every single kind of resource!!!!

RE:Volcano beach

2018-10-04 20:53:17
You click new colony, than pick a race, than go to the bottom and pick map something, than pick your map.


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