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Every time I accept a annex request the game freezes up completely for about 5-10 sec and then completely shuts down.
I have this problem for a while. But as the request starting to grow, I thought it was time to make a thread about it.

Open messages; click on annexrequest; click on annex

Platform: Win 10
Version: 0.47 (problem excists from .43. could be before, but i'm not sure)

Put a small video with replication (if allowed):
where nothing happens anymore is the freeze up
end of the video is where the game shuts down on its own

6y ago
Due to a game crash I lost the annexrequest of Neverland(or something like that, sorry if i'm not accurate with the name) and several messages.
If you read this please send your annexrequest again.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
6y ago
See this thread:
6y ago
Apparently a bug that sneeked in at version 0.47. Should be solved in version 0.48
See this thread on the forum: https://www.ape-apps.com/viewpage.php?p=4492
6y ago
Concerning your pie chart:
Depends on your approval rating:

If your approval rating is high (98 -100%) the concerns don't really matter (there's always somebody angry)

If your approval rating is low, it shows you what problems to adress to get your approval rating up again.
6y ago
In case of a new colony:
He has to choose online game and then costum charter code and fill in your chartercode.

In case of a existing colony:
He has to have a transmission hub (or equivelant), click on it, choose comunications and request annexation. Fill in your chartercode and you have to accept.
6y ago
Let the game believe you're cheating and it will put you in offlinemode with no possibility to go back in online mode. ;)
6y ago
You main problem why they protest is probably fatigue (see concerns). Make sure they don't have to walk that far to their spot of work.
6y ago
2 ways to get your fatigue down. Turning the redering of your colonists off (engine settings) and making sure that the housing is close to your builings where your colonists have to work
6y ago
What's your approval rating and what are the % of their concerns?
6y ago
Normally you should be able to turn the zoom buttons off in the engine settings
6y ago
1 Do you have all the resources for the claybot?

Microchip 5
Aluminum 20
Gold 15
Steel 45
Ore 60

2 You need 250000 civics to declare independence (option in consulate - not sure what level)

3 When you go to stats you'll see your colony's website. The code on the end is your chartercode
6y ago
See what you mean. My fault. Should have studied the online reference more carefully before posting this. Apparently I can't remove this topic.
This topic can be closed as far as i'm concerned.
6y ago
Seems like when buildings stop producing when storage is full, the buildings keep consuming the resources the need for producing. It seems more logical that when there's no production, there's also no consumption. (unless i'm missing something)

Antanium storage full (no antanium consumption)
antanium synthesis lab still consumes robots
same for triantanium

6y ago
I don't have any experience with Ice world.
All I know is that next gen power should give you Diamond Crystal Reactor.
Here you'll see what you need for that. You normally only have in in your build menu when you have all the resources to build it.
6y ago
LegendsGamer said:I joined through an annex because my last commonwealth grew inactive, please accept my request.

Accepted :)
6y ago
There are Dutch names for the colonists in the Zolarg colonies. Don't know who provided them, but they make no sense at all. :)
6y ago

Chartercode lpQMXXfu (first one is a small L)
6y ago
I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think this isn't a bug. There was a complaint about the fact that it was hard to deselct a building when your map is fully build. Everytime you clicked somewhere, a window would appear. I think that the fact that the first click deselect the current selection and only the second click selects the new building (or pavement) is to counteract that problem.

Again not totaly sure about that
6y ago


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