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Thank you for your hard work!

Is there a way that I/we can ask Google to remove the blacklist? I'd be more than willing, if it could help..?
5y ago
Hey there, I played this game years back and then lost it when I upgraded my phone, but found it again recently and decided to buy the full version.

I love the game. It's simple yet challeging and provides a lot of replay value, so I'm obviously a bit dismayed to hear the news about android. I'd like to make a suggestion, if I may.

Why not scale back the free version? Either by taking things away or limiting map size or making it easier, anything really to keep the crash factors really low.

I say this because I guess that it's the free users that are rating lower, and that the majority of them don't even read these blogs, nor do they understand the complexity of the coding that must be required to make My Colony work; whereas paid members are much more likely to check out the forums and logs, and so will be more sympathetic of the limitations that you might face, both on your side building it, and on our side playing it on android/hardware limited devices.

There's also the problem with the Google Ads that you mentioned with the free users...
You need to get paid to make it worth it at the end of the day, so removing the ads for free users isn't going to solve that.
But if they had a smaller, slower, more simplified version of the game then the ads might work OK without crashing?

I don't know. These are just ignorant suggestions of course, you've likely already thought of them, I just thought I'd try to help. :)

Cheers for a great little game anyway. I don't purchase too many apps, so the fact that I bought this means that I must really like it. I hope to look forward to at least some continued android development, and not too much of a dumbing down in the future.
5y ago


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