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I will make a Relics placeholder in the future as well for the next tier in Alien Tech.
1d ago
Since this was a good use of converting Microchips into Money in My Colony 1, I thought this could work well in My Colony 2 to make use of our Alien Microchip Factories.

3d ago
I like this Architecture!
4d ago
This is not a submission for the game. I made this placeholder as a concept to show how using Ancient Instructions to boost the effectiveness of Alien Tech could potentially be an upgrade path. Feel free to use this Voxel for your own experiments on how you believe this should look.

8d ago
Since I wanted the ability to customize the color of a light post, I changed up the light post model that Bast created.

8d ago
I believe that this building could be a good addition out of a few in this series of turning Microchips into Money. With this building, I believe that there might need to be some extra Security in a settlement because of some of the black market uses that Cybercoin can potentially have.

15d ago
I was thinking about mechanics for being able to pass laws in our settlements, nations, and federations that can allow different effects to be able to take place once passed.
17d ago
Is there something that allows me to be able to get the hex color for a specific block on a Voxel creation? I was wondering this because I have not been able to find it anywhere.
17d ago
Landmines in MC2?
19d ago
Since it is clear that excavation cannot supply demand, this was a necessary creation.
27d ago
It's such a wonderful surprise seeing that my Voxels actually made the cut! Let me know how I can continue improving in my work.
27d ago
I love these Spam!
28d ago
Whenever I try to open my Spice World, it has been continuing to open my Red World instead. I had my Spice World saved in the cloud, so I was wondering what went wrong here.
30d ago
Is there any status update on the progress towards the achievements server updates?
30d ago
An idea that I thought about while watching the stock market in real life is how I was thinking that a Player Mode character could be able to walk to the Galactic Stock Exchange and have an interface open. In this interface, I was thinking that there could be a variety of resource and building stocks that could be bought and sold with Player Mode Money. Also, a potential mechanic that could be a thing for Local Player Characters is to be able to control how much of a dividend a particular industry could yield if one owns enough stocks in such an industry. Let me know if any of you all would like to add other ideas to this as well.
1mo ago
Anyone else having utility issues?
1mo ago
Nice seeing you here Sparky! We miss you on the Discord.
1mo ago
I will be up to reshading the top in a slightly darker shade as well.
1mo ago
I updated this, so I will edit the original post accordingly.
1mo ago


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