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How much Research should this make?
6d ago
I totally want this because I dominated Earthlike in MC1!
9d ago
I would totally go for that Architecture.
9d ago
Very good strategy guide Architecture.
9d ago
There should be buildings that provide even higher IQ than the Transcendent Academy in MC1.
9d ago
I really hope that you have been doing well Architecture.
9d ago
My bad Architecture. I really did think I saw Dino here too. My eyes and mind have must been playing tricks on me. I'm glad to see that you agree with the need for the building too Architecture.
9d ago
I hope the stats will be decent, and I will be excited to build some of these in my settlements.
10d ago
What does this do?
11d ago
Any more Rum upgrades on the way?
12d ago
I have more artifacts now
12d ago
Glad to see you agree Dino.
14d ago
I love it Sparky!
15d ago
Would a Transcendent Drilling Platform be planned?
15d ago
I was thinking about settings that could reward players for taking the hard road.
15d ago


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