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I've been asking the same thing fellow player.
1d ago
I hope development has still been going well by the way.
2d ago
I noticed that this building cannot be rotated, even though that should be an option.
5d ago
I was thinking that this could be a technology that has a research and money cost in either the trillions or even a quadrillion if necessary.
6d ago
I do not think the game works like that anymore since it averages out the citizens today.
6d ago
If there was a way to unlock a technology that would be able to allow buildings with divisible dimensions to be shrunk down in order to increase productivity per square of land. This option would not be cheap, but it would be worth it in the long run for development.
7d ago
Another idea for allowing buildings to level up would be a super expensive end game tech allowing that option, and then having money and research playing a role in increasing the building level cap in a similar way to annexation mechanics on single cities. However, instead on money and civics, it's money and research that increases this cap.
8d ago
I wish I was better at making sprites so I could have this built.
8d ago
I haven't been very good at making sprites yet unfortunately.
8d ago
This is an end game structure that will produce steel at a rate that will vastly exceed that of Ancient Alien Steel manufacturing. This structure should be able to produce at least a few hundred times more than the Ancient Alien Steel in order to make that 35T price tag unlocking the technology worth it.
9d ago
I was thinking that there could be a building that could be either a 1x1 or keeping it a 2x2.
12d ago
I was thinking that one of the upgrade tiers can get a speed of 20 and another one could get 25 or 30.
12d ago
A simulated storage building that can store hundreds of millions of units per building would be wonderful for the end game players that need more things to unlock and develop. I was thinking that this building could consume Nanites to keep things small size and balanced.
12d ago
Should trophies be able to do more things than just bragging rights, such as being able to unlock certain things in game?
12d ago
Stacking structures would be a good start, but I wanted to be able to add more upgrade options into structures as well.
12d ago
I was thinking that there could be options to upgrade certain properties of buildings, such as production buildings being able to hold more storage, or to be able to reduce the inputs required to produce the outputs. Of course resources should be required in order to do this to buildings.
13d ago
Thank you so much for the feedback. Feel free to add your own ideas in too if you would like to.
14d ago
I mostly want increased rover speed.
20d ago
There should be something that costs more than the aluminum road and uses a higher grade material that will increase the speed of the roads as well. One of the ideas pitched in the My Colony Discord was the idea of either Obsidian or Nanite Roads in order to speed things up for end game players.
20d ago
The average IQ of a colony should have an impact on how productive workers are while at work. One idea that could possibly work is using the average IQ as a multiplier for production and make education buildings have more use than they currently do.
20d ago


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