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Having same issue, running ver 0.57.0 on Android, triex with wifi and on 4g
Sorry for ling waited reply but I have had zero mines and I had it working during latest update for a few days and then started all over again and my vacant jobs dropped to 15% did a fire drill and sat at 15% for a few jours and now dropped to 85%
I am now having volonist get sick even though I have 30+ hospitals and they are all filled 90 people +, pretty much any building requiring a person is functioning at 5% max of their capapbility and vacant jobs flucuates from 24% to 18% but never lower then 18% even though I have the people to fill those positions, plus my average age of employies dripped from 25 to 0 even though I dont own any clowning stations, only using space elevator
Samsung S8 - Android - Version .46
I am having same issue, have 46 or so food sweat shops for example, only producing 4k when literally 30 minutes before was producing 400k, I had them filled up when it happened, did a fire drill and now have after 10 minutes 18% open jobs with far more than enough people and only producing 18k food
I am having same issue everythings researched and I have 1 or more of every high end building except star gate and I am not showing option for next gen power source

Samsung S8 - verzion .46
I had an accident and killed off say...100% of my colony, 42k people, now Im repopulating, deactivated jobs not required before repopulation started, have over 6k back already but 40% of the new population will not take any jobs even after multiple fire drills and giving them few hours to attempt


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