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In an attempt to squash my colonists' fatigue, I've provided appropriate number of jobs within tested radius of residences, with no overlaps (shortest distance from residence via geometry). Lots of fire drills. It always results in colonists going out of their way to get >20 commute distance, despite availability.

Am I alone in this? Did everyone else just not bother trying to perfect the Top Citizen Concerns?

In a similar manner as we can chain build, I thought of integrating the function with bulldoze. I believe it would be a super convenient tool. If possible, the addition of also a toggle for confirmation of the action could potentially avoid mistakes.

Not sure if this concept had been suggested before, but I'd love to be able to reformat my colony with ease.

Love the gameđź’–
Is this inevitable? Does it reduce productivity? Can the rate of damage be limited? Thanks.
Can someone give me a run-down on what I can expect for end-game?

I only have Next Gen Power Production left to research, and recently created my Star Gate. Would I be able to be manufacture the resources needed to create and run the Diamond Crystalline Reactor or does it become a trading game?
Check out commute distance. The aim is like <21 distance away from workplace/residence, but it's calculated in a circle.
My browser worked and still works fine, but my native client is still the same. I've tried logging out fb, but no change. Still the same screen with the loading bar. Is there a proper way to reinstall? Do I risk losing my colony save doing so?
Thanks for the response. :)
edit: I'm on ver0.48
edit: WIth nube's latest post, I've also fixed my problem. GG
Getting the same thing. :/
[Win10, native client]
edit: I'm finding it hard to determine, testing with isolated circles in my colony. Wondering if someone's worked it out.

editedit: ...actually, I've worked it out myself: the area of where all buildings will be within <=20 units distance is a circle with a diameter of 39blocks(, where the edges are where buildings are =20 from residence. The building is within this radius as long as its northern most block is inside the circle. The center of the circle is the residence's northernmost block.

Does anyone know how this works? I'm trying to optimize commute distances <=20 from residences and work places, to work out boundaries, etc and cope with colonist fatigue. Thanks.


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