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Thank you to everyone for your advice. @patchdaddy Thank you for the information on how to solve the issue. @misteddawn Thank you for letting me know the developer is usually working alone. @bastecklein Thank you for getting back to me and resolving the issue. I really enjoy this game and let my impatience get to me.
5y ago
If it helps I purchased it through the app on 1/22/2017 through the google play store. I have proof of that purchase if it will help.
5y ago
Hello? Is anyone looking into this issue? Can I please get an acknowledgement of my issue, that someone from development has read this?
5y ago
I am interested in this with the upcoming add ons to the game you have planned.
5y ago

So I had to delete all my browsing history on the laptop I use, nothing to do with this site, and no all my saved games are gone and it no longer shows I have purchased the premium upgrade. Can I get some support please? At the very least get me the premium upgrade back please.
5y ago
I have no tourists coming and I have two ports and a hotel. Immigration is also on just invade that's the issue. Any ideas?
6y ago


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