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RE:Unable to purchase premium or log in?

2019-10-19 18:41:45
Garugamesh said:Hi, I'd really like to buy premium but whenever I click on the link it doesn't take gimp freejobalert notepad++ me anywhere and I stay on the same screen. When I try to log in it loads infinitely. I'd really like to support the app but it won't let me lol

Facing the same here too. Help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

RE:Unable to purchase premium or log in?

2019-10-19 18:41:39
Garugamesh said:Hi, I'd really like to buy premium but whenever I click on the link it doesn't take gimp freejobalert notepad++ me anywhere and I stay on the same screen. When I try to log in it loads infinitely. I'd really like to support the app but it won't let me lol

Facing the same here too. Help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

RE:Cities in region won't open.

2019-10-19 18:11:24
acollins said:Hi,

I've got a region map where some of my cities randomly stop opening. I click on them and it brings me straight back to usps tracking the overview. They still produce resources but I can't access them to finish anything.

anyway I can fix this?

Facing the same issue here too. Help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

RE:Unable to reopen brand new map editor

2019-10-04 09:36:46
Luker124 said:I saw the update and wanted to make a map. So I go and make a map but close out to do something else and when I come back I usps tracking am unable to get into the map editor. Weird
(Android s8plus)- I get this the entire time.

I am also getting this bug often. Hope this gets fixed soon


RE:Prob with pop spiking with Dracs

2019-10-04 09:08:30
TCOR3987 said:Found nothing on the topic in forums or missed it.

I am not entirely sure if this is a bug, but everyone I asked about gate limits said they were not sure.

I am having huge spikes on immigrants like 10k+ in less than 10 min from one medium range gate, I thought it was a bug between multiple gates at first cause I had 5 of them. However I am currently having another spike with one gate.

I am playing on Abandoned World so i did expect getting more people than i have housing for. However when I start the game this evening gimp freejobalert notepad++ I had huge frame drop from start. Later on I noticed my pop went from 1.6k to 25k. Graph shows it happened pretty much instantly or in one day.

Again not sure if this is a bug as it could be due to high emigration from another colony. Every time this has happened, the colony frankfort was 100% immigration and also the only colony on the immigration list.

When pop starts going down frankfort is off the list. This makes it seem like frankfort is very big since all other colonies are removed when frankfort is on. This would result in huge immigration from one colony if that colony is overpopulated. So from a numbers perspective it makes sense. However not sure if gates have a limit or not.

Again not sure if this is a bug and asked around to confirm if this could maybe be due to the gate not having a limit on number of immi-emigration.

I tried to deal with the prob first time. Vince said frame drop could be due to education, so I taxed them into provery, which resulted in frame recovery. From there on I focused on killing of the extra pop, best way was to turn off all facilities, I just turned of the power hehe. This help and people started dying faster. Went from 30k at its max down to 13k during that time. However just got hit with huge spike again taking it back to 28k. Was afk for few min so noticed it to late.

Yeah getting the same bug here too. Hope this gets fixed.


RE:EZ Database

2019-09-30 20:05:50
Ctl said:Downloaded EX Database to iPhone iOS 12.1. EZ kept loading and usps tracking never stopped for over 20 minutes SO I’ve deleted this program and expanded to other databases especially if it doesn’t work the first time

Same here.


RE:Bring federation back alive!

2019-09-12 16:53:05
GeneralWadaling said:H3110 guys!


I have heard about the federation balloting function have gone dead, via the NOZ Discord Channel (Invitation Link ), due to the dead/inactive commonwealths, the 50% of votes requirement is unreachable in every ballot.

Today, as a My usps tracking
Colony player, altogether with other NOZ Federation active members, would like to adress on this big issue, to find ways to solve it.

Here are the solutions we have discussed in the Discord Server, and part of my ideas:
  • Solution A - Give the adminstrators of the Federation more rights.
    This one is simple. Leaders are granted with one great power - the right to kick the members out, the most direct way to purge off the inactive members by the Federations themselves.
  • Solution B - Automatic Inactive Member Purge System (A-IMPS)
    This may require more workings, but it will make every leader’s job easier. Members who are too inactive will be AUTOMATICALLY KICKED OUT. Such as, for three consecutive ballots the members did not participate, the member will face his doom of being evicted from the Federation at immediate.
  • Solution C - Balloting system reform
    Sometimes instead of adding new systems, it may be better the reform the existing one. Lower the requiement for balloting a pass would helps, but how to amend it would base on the cases of disruption.

May the colony magic be with you!
Federation NOZ

Yes same request here.


RE:The Insectnoid Expansion! <Part 2 - Industrialization>

2019-09-11 16:28:46
GeneralWadaling said:H3110 guys!

Part 2 - The Insectnoid Industrialization
Insectnoid have been using very crude ways for their productions, so I think it is time to get their production some upgrades and elevate their gimp freejobalert notepad++ production into an industrial mass production level, as well allow them to produce more complicated goods!

New Technologies!
  • The Automatons
    It’s time to ask yourself. Can insectnoid build their own robots?
  • Insectnoid Industrialization
    Learn how to bring industrial class productions into insectnoid colonies, to increase resource output and produce advanced goods!
  • Industrial Coolant
    Sometimes water is not an efficint enough coolent to cool down super-hot stuff (like a nuclear fusion generator). Learn how to make the coolants for the purpose.
    (also applies on human tech tree)
  • Anvanced Insectnoid Agriculture
    Learn how to use fertilizers to increase agricultural output and use various crops and plants for various use.
New Buildings!
  • Paste Hive
    A large ant paste production facility, using heaters to foster the process of turning sugar, water and saliva into ant paste.
  • Antanium Blast Furnance
    Using a blast furnance for producing antanium more efficient than the stone age antanium furnances!
  • Automaton Assembling Yard
    Here is where the Insectnoids assemble the crudest yet smart insectnoid robots from antanium, microchips and aluminium. Also consumes softwares.
  • Coolant Shroom
    You may wonder, what do this wierd mushroom do? If you feed it with petroleum and crystalline, it will return you with the 100% organic coolants!
  • Subterranean Crystalline Farm
    Harness the amazing power of the mushrooms, by just feeding them with water and atmosphere, crystalline grows on them!
  • Honey Garden
    A large farming facility... or saying, a beautiful garden, for growing huge flowers and extract nectars from them for making one of the most luxurious and nutritious food in a insectnoid diet - honey (but also counted as food). Also provides a place for insectnoids to relax!
  • Paste Soil Sugarcane Farm
    Use ant pastes as fertilizers and grow sugarcanes on this fertile land. What it can give is lotta of sugar that is more than farming directly on a piece of land.
  • Mushroom Farm
    Sometimes, instead of growing sugarcanes for making food, why not just grow some raw edible mushrooms for your dinner!
  • Alchemy Hive
    Insectnoids has found ways to produce various expensive metals (gold and aluminium) from ordinary ore... here is where the alchemists performs the magic of the alchemy!
  • Cloth Hive
    Begin mass producing cloth (for tourism) with this large cloth hive#
  • Sugar mill
    A insectnoid windmill which mixes ant paste with sugar to make massive amounts of food!
  • Clay mill
    Upgrade of the Clay Pit which it has installed a windmill for faster productions!
  • Insectnoid Ore Thumper
    An insectnoid fracking mining operation.

Wow this is brilliant.


RE:Ether - Abandoned World Base - LIS region

2019-08-25 19:08:01
Viktoryovich said:Does anyone know how to usps tracking extract Ether from the Abandoned World Base of LIS civilization? Plz, help me!

Facing same issue here too. Help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

RE:my settlers are only sleeping!

2019-08-24 20:56:05
builderbot said:I have a big colony and it gimp freejobalert notepad++ makes that sleep they refuse to work!

Same thing at mine too.

RE:Messaging Isn't working.

2019-08-04 18:43:29
diverjim said:I have an online region on an abandon world and I'm trying to send messages to friend's colonies so they can send me stuff that I need. But the issue is that when I put in their charter, then the message and hit send it acts like it sent a message but usps tracking doesn't say the message is sent. We then proceed to wait for up to an hour or so while trying several more times to send messages. When my friends send messages I get them, but when I try to send a message back it does the same thing it did when I tried before. Can someone help?

I also need help with the same. Help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

RE:Alien Microchip Factorys

2019-08-04 09:46:34
Luker124 said:Ivd come to the realization that Alien Microchip factorys do NOT require gold to produce. I think this was a mistake otherwise your gimp freejobalert notepad++ just making microchips from thin air and Alien Artifacts.

I also have same question.

Thanks in advance.

RE:Unable to upgrade buildings

2019-07-30 19:04:29
Westy266 said:Hello,
I'm unable to upgrade the Giorgio Research Institute into the Center for Artificial Intelligence as well as a few other buildings.
I've got all the resources, techs and bots to do so yet I'm somehow unable to upgrade them without deleting the building and then building the upgraded version.

I've also noticed a bug when upgrading the cloning facility into the advanced cloning facility. This bug occurs when the building has been usps tracking orientated from the original orientation and then once you start the upgrade it flips back to the original orientation. Then after it's finished building it then changes orientation once again.

Facing same issue here. Help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

RE:Cannot restore a game file

2019-07-26 17:30:39
mundik said:I have to wipe my android phone, so I made a backup(*.mcz) of world (singleplayer, offline), but when I today try to restore it, it gimp freejobalert notepad++
returns: "Save file corrupted".Anybody help?
Facing same issue here too. Help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.|


RE:Turns into an Offline copy

2019-06-21 19:54:15
Ikacprzak042 said:Whenever I open up a colony gimp freejobalert notepad++ it opens up as an offline copy of it.

Facing the same issue here too. Help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

RE:Compare your colony to others

2019-04-12 16:59:13
Pixelers said:I made a website which allows you to compare your colony against the average statistics of all active colonies, just thought I'd share it. gimp freejobalert

Wow you have a big colony there. I on the other hand just started and only thing i can do now is dream



2019-04-12 16:44:08
colbya said:missposted when I check ill repost ty


gimp freejobalert

RE:Bug Colonial Tycoon

2019-04-10 18:29:38
Lucidwalker said:IOS 11.2.6
It is impossible to hire an accountand. The app gimp freejobalert crashes all the time. And another Thing is the cash generating. It only work when the app is completly Close. I have to swipe it out of my Display. Otherwise the time wont generate any Money.

Sorry for my english. I read more than i write.

Same bug here too.


RE:Suggestion for My Business Empire

2019-04-09 16:11:46
vazirabadi said:Great game, just wanted to see if you could add a way to make additional loan payments besides the regular monthly payment. I like to pay gimp freejobalert them down as soon as possible and now that I'm in the 1,000,000,000 range it's easier to pay down with more money than all at once. Thanks.

Seems like you are building the best empire in the history.

Good luck


2019-04-09 16:06:08
JacquesChi said:I'm completely gimp new. Any Tips freejobalert or Advice?

I also need help with this.

Thanks in advance.


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