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Me either, I didn't get the updated version on window 10.
6y ago
I have this issue too. I have almost 50000 people refusing to work.

6y ago
@GyspyMinecrafter I don't have any unclaimed presents and I'm playing on windows 10 in ver0.47.0.
6y ago
I didn't get any new messages, nor did I have unread messages. However, it keeps popping up notifications once in a while indicating that I have new messages.
6y ago
I think it is nessecery since the map is big and colonists are angry about the commute length all the time.
6y ago
In my colony I have 20% vacant jobs, however, up to 40% of people are unemployed, how to make people find a job?

what would be the proper commute length and salary?

6y ago
I have 20% of vacant jobs in my colony, however, people don't find a job.
I wonder if it is because of the commute length or because of the low paid.

What are the proper commute length and salary for different jobs?
6y ago
There are so many colonists angry about their commute length, so I built up some new houses next to factories.
So, can colonists change the houses they live in by themselves?
or should I use fire drill in policy?

6y ago
I agree with you, especially for diamonds and crystal because you can't produce them on a lunar map ...
6y ago
@Redsamuri Thanks, nice to meet you
6y ago
After I used the fire drill, everything returns to normal LOL.
the approval rate is 99%, and the biggest concern is homelessness though I build enough houses

and there is another problem that keeps bothering me: colonists seldom go to entertainment buildings. I think this is not a big problem because all the colonists live fine, but this makes building entertainment buildings no sense.

thanks a lot for your help.
6y ago
With no reason, colonists suddenly quitted their jobs. Now I have 60% of people who don't have jobs, and they just don't go back to work. I didn't use fire drill. Does anyone know how to fix it?

BTW, now colonists are protesting. The average saving of colonists is 4216 dollars and the working pace is light; I really have no idea why are they angry and why don't they go to work.

any ideas? thanks
6y ago
my god, this is awesome. now I have to cut down half of the decorated trees to set up new light bulbs LOL. the effect looks nice btw. but I have a small question, it seems like the colonists are still working in the night, poor guys haha.
6y ago
Almost all the colonists have a long commute length, but I prefer to separate the houses and factories. So if there are some public transportations then it will be awesome.

For example

Subway, all we have to do is determine where the entrances should be built, which doesn't need an animation like trains or robots because all the things happen underground.
6y ago
I have an area for embassies, and now there are still several empty places.

Please help me build up my embassy area.

thanks a lot

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6y ago


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