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I was playing offline, then my phone shut off, and when I turnes it back on, the file and emergency file disappeared, fix this broken game for the love of god.
4y ago
The colonists will not go and use the entertainment facilities, or rest, ornly when i check the buildings they go home, and only when i click on the house they go to work
4y ago
This versiom of the recycling center should have the following:
Quicker and more plastic production
The prodcution of aluminum (since its so hard to get)
120 workers

I hope to see this implemented into the game
4y ago
Yes i know, colonists work in shifts, but howver this is something different. The production of that building doesnt produce until you check the amount of colonists insidre, then all colonists will leave and come back wasting production time.
4y ago
I dont know how but i have buildings sidr by side, and when a colonist comes from the cloning lab, they sometimes get stuck inside, same with the microchip factories.
4y ago
This map is amazong but however it needs some work.
-diamond mining technology
-durable goods wharehouse stores crystals
-a place to deliver crystals to
4y ago


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