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I started my new colony under DGUE and I have the same issues. I can't send gifts (says colony is offline). I can't be gifted to (GGG said she couldn't gift to me as it said I was offline when I clearly wasn't, so not just an issue between myself and DGUE). Map location is (0,0). On colonaie my ADU references to an old colony that belonged to someone else but shares the charter code I got assigned. From what I can tell this is because I started under DGUE while he had the problems but I don't know for sure. If you all could look into and fix this for me as well that would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

Also, this is in reference to the colony [NOZ] Empire of Bunnies, founded April 11, 2022, charter code rjX31tdV, population > 2.5 million. This is my main colony and I would prefer it to be working properly.

The colony [NOZ] Snoopys Empire, founded April 1, 2022, charter code VY0SJCm, population negligible, is a dead colony that I do not play on and this does not apply to it. (Maybe it does but its not important to me so if deleting it will fix problems on your side that's fine with me, just please let me know if you do so)

If you need to reach me urgently I'll see Discord messages before this, you can find me in the NOZ server.

Thanks, Tab
9mo ago
nevermind, they finaly started working, but yes there were.
they not produced one civic
i have had 9 for about 4 hours and i have over 14k money, and they all are full on workers
try switching it more.

(ps i am a nub and i might be wrong)
my civic centers are not producing civics. why?


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