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But even if the first one is supposed to happen, why does it happen since I did it, I lost 6mil money and 1mil steel
6y ago
Will there be a way to enable some sort of hiperdrive mode to fast forward by a hell lot of tiles so you can trade on large distance. And maybe increase the fuel consumption by 20% when enabled.
6y ago
Let us have night panels that generate a little bit of power. To even it out
6y ago
Another post about the same thing.
6y ago
This is nice. Especially since I made a post about this before.
But I don't blame you this is a great idea :)
6y ago
About the portal thingey 2x2 machine or pocket creator or whatever you wanna call it.

When build, you can click on it and it would open a interface that shows some options like ore yes or no, water or lava, or something like that. (Just ideas) and upon creating, it will suck up all the surplus power to generate the world. The more power it gets, the faster it works. And when it is done, it will only eat a hell lot of energy if you enter it. When it is in idle state, it would consume around 1.2k power to prevent it from collapsing it in to the invined small point that will explode. But that only happens when you don't turn it off and power will run out. But if you turn it off, it won't explode.

And about the generation of it, it would take more power when more things are selected or when you prevent certain thing from generate. So a normal flat world would cost 10k power, but when you wand certain ores, it would consume 25-35k of power.
Keep in mind that it would use the surplus of power. Whit that amount used every minute, if you know what you mean. So every minute it would add the surplus to the amount of power that needs to be used.

When the power runs out during the creation, then the pocket won't generate in the way you wand to since the pockets can't handle low power and as I said, it will collapse in to the invined and explode. So b careful when you create your pockets.

Makes sense, probably not. But I just wand to get this idea out of the way. :)
6y ago
May I ask, how do I get illegal immigrants? Since I have 15k colonists and I have 0 illegal one's.

But yea, punish them. They have asked for it
6y ago
Amorphus said:I originally called it black hole manipulation because there's a theory floating out there that states that some black holes could contain an entire universe's worth of space compressed into an infinitely small dot, and if you happen to survive entry into a black hole, you would enter that universe, and that universe could have black holes of it's own. A universe within a universe, makes my head hurt.

So we can name it "dimensional pocket manipulation." The purpose of this tech is to compress large amounts of space into a tiny area, enabling colonists to live in buildings that are a small fraction of the size that they would normally be. The same thing can be achieved by creating a pocket dimension with tons of area, and then you only need to build a small portal to that pocket so that people and things can go in and out.

So I think you mean to allow us to make custom dimensions and stuff? Like make a dimension that only generates whit uranium or whit gold for example. That would be cool to add
6y ago
Nice idea, but really? That is what you need to ask yourself, will it effect gameplay on a way that it gets changed (difficulty increments or not). And if a new player that doesn't know that this is a community idea, would think he has a big ego
6y ago
I agree whit you that they would only occur every hour or something, but having a high oxygen level wouldn't really help every time, bot more likely make them more rare and less destructive. So late game players like me, are not save but saver. If you know what I mean. And another reason to not fully disallow them, us that even on our beautiful planet earth, dust storms do occur in some places. So having a lot of tall building's would make it less common as well.

And about turning it off, what if they still occur, but they won't render for the player. But is is happening. Get it?
6y ago
As some of you might know, the lava world planet has disasters like lava spreading all over the place (wow...) . But, why are the planets completely fine? Why is there never danger on those planets? Could someone explain that to me please?

So I haven't fully worked out what planets should have certain disasters, but the difficulty level should decide how bad it is and how offend it will take place.

Here are some examples:

red planet

Some of you might know the planet mars, but for those who don't, here is a brief overview about that planet. Its just like the red world planet, but once a year, a giant dust storm will occur and cover the whole planet. And that is what I sort of want, dust storms. They cover up the sky, will make the colony darker, and since there is less to no light, solar panels will make less energy.

ice storm

On the ice planets there will be once in a few hours be a period where the wold temperature goes down a fair bit, causing machines to work less efficient, workers get slower and people will get ill. Then ice meteors could strike and place a few ice deposits and/or other deposits. But some of this issues could be prevented by building a heater, witch will hear up a 15x15 area around it. In that area, life would be normal again.

And last...
... couldn't think of something else:-(
6y ago
This is not only for new players but even for end game players like me. Every time I logged on, all building projects get stopped.
6y ago
I always fire all colonists that are protesting and charge them 50 coins. If they are still protesting, they die
6y ago
Could you pleas add a search function? Since it is really annoying to find a specific building sometimes.
6y ago
The telescope would be nice to see who is playing on the same network as you are. Would be nice

And I personally don't think it would be a small building like 2x3 but rather have it 4x12 or something really big to scout the galaxy really easy.
6y ago
I am not blaming these ideas but I am not sure about everything.

The whamburger shop cost microchips but is it some sort of OP machine that makes a lot of drones? If the answer is yes, have it like so that it makes drones that deliver food(?)

The extreme diamond compressor, the normal buildings has just been added so it might balanced soon. And what do you mean whit ticks? I do know what you mean whit it but what is for you 1 tick? For me, it is 0.1 seconds. And the building itself isn't that expensive. Like there is no aluminum or uranium involved when building it.

Magnets, the idea is bad. It is a great item that I would love to mass produce but, real live magnets are not made in that way. Not sure how they get made but not whit gold.
And the research requirements are nice as well, but late game players could really easy start mass produce them.

And the category restaurant is o.k., but we need some more buildings to fit in that category since 1 or 2 buildings isn't a lot to fit in one category.

But as I said before, I am not blaming these ideas. I am just saying what could improve them:-)
6y ago
The stats are not 100% accurate since I always get infinity/minute if I ask for the dig side stats.

Try opening the stats a few times, it will become more accurate.

And I have no problems whit it being OP since I am playing this game for more then a year and I am still constructing it. So it should be OP since it uses 60% of my money supply and 80% of my gold supply so I do wand a OP building for it in return
6y ago
Device: Android, Huawei Y5 (not completely sure)
Version: 0.61.0
So after I tried the clone function. All the building became transparent, but not as transparent as whit the transparent building button.

If the screen shots are there. You can see the difference. If not. I tried and failed
6y ago
This does not only apply for desktop but even on mobile.

I did fine this error when I was reading the encyclopedia
6y ago
Could you pleas make it like so they can fly over walls an small building? That makes them really "fly"
6y ago


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