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This is probably not a new idea, but maybe add, a Public Works building, for Colony maintenance, it could even auto repair, it would allow a regional Colony not to have to put a consulate or Capitol building in every region. Also maybe a turbo version of build bots for later in the game. Thanks for your time.
5y ago
I find regions is best for playing on Android, no lag or other issues. Also, I paid, and I still get gifts from the emperor, so might want to check your game. I get them offline, I travel alot so lose signal alot, makes it difficult to play an online game.
The delete all option is great, thankyou for that, now I am gonna be greedy, lol, maybe make a "sell all" option as well?" Also, maybe make a turbo version of more of the building vehicles, in regions I sometimes make an entire region one type of building, like the black market, but it takes and entire day to do it, and if I put more than 30 vehicles building, it causes a lot of lag, so "turbo" version of the builder would be wonderful. Also, maybe for the IS, maybe we could get an upgraded version of the landing pad? It sucks to need to build 5k landing pads. Thankyou.
5y ago
So, when the solar road update happened, I really liked the color. Lol, but I had already put in all aluminium roads. So instead of deleting over 10k roads, I thought it would be faster to start over, and also avoid the misclick and accidentally deleting something important. Which happens, my thumbs are not user friendly. Sometimes. So could put in a delete all, like the upgrade all option?
6y ago
I forgot to mention, would add in the game engine settings, an option to opt out of the galactic emperor gifts, I play on my android and wether I am offline or on, every time he sends his message. The game crashes, I just delete them. Or add that in with the bonus for being a monthly member that I suggested in my recent post. Thankyou again for your time.
6y ago
I normally do not talk in forums, so if this seems abrupt and all over the I apologize. I enjoy your game very much. I have a few suggestions. First, to give players more options to arrange their colony they way they wish, and to cut down on the pure volume of buildings, may I suggest, you implement a monthly membership, I don't know, maybe for $1 to $20 a month, and the benefit would be maybe doubling resource output, so players like myself could do more with the look of our colony, especially with decorations. Also the cupcake factory is not cost effective and actually is not helpful. Need a way to get crystals in the offline game for UE, cannot do the research without 100 of them. Also, in IS you can research them, but without the tundra rover on the asteroid, you cannot make them. The alien uranium enrichment needs to be increased. And the alien aluminum factory is useless, I can skip it altogether. Also maybe increase civic output on investment bank or add another way to get civics at the high end of the colony. You added wheels, maybe a transportation system, lol, might be too much, but might be fun to play with. Thankyou for your game. I have many more suggestions and things I notice, but overall, great fun.
6y ago


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