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Increase vehicle speed through research

2017-11-05 13:46:54
Have it so that you can spend research on increasing the speed/productivity of the builder vehicles. This will really extend the end game massively and will mean that we don't have to build 100 bots that slow down game speed. Either that or allow us to build X number of vehicles rather than have to click on the vehicle factory a bunch of times. Would be great.

Delete multiple units at a time

2017-10-25 13:42:40
It would be a huge relief if we could highlight a box around say 20 buildings and be able to destroy them instantly. It would save so much time, i'm currently deleting 100 diamond stores and it's a pain. It could work in the same way as when you place a building and you can click a tile that's 10 spaces away and it fills in the empty area with more buildings.


RE:Better marketplace

2017-10-17 19:47:03
What do you mean by that ? As in the trades that don't make the lowest sell or highest buy price?

Better marketplace

2017-10-17 17:20:45
To improve the League Trade Authority, rather than having a list of different offers from sellers and buyers. Instead, collect all posts of a single item together, grouped by price, showing the lowest 3 prices to buy at and highest 3 prices to sell at each with a number of units in total. That way it makes it simpler, but also means that if someone posts an offer selling 20,000 food but you only want 5,000 then you'd be able to buy 5,000 of that 20,000. Anything that doesn't make the top 3 highest sell and lowest buy prices is in the background, so if all the volume of any of the top prices is bought, the next highest/lowest price moves into view. It's similar to how trading markets work. I made a mockup of it in excel to explain it better. I've included a photo of what that looks like. Hope it's useful. :)



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