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Nikko said:You're not independent so I can't start diplomacy with you but if you send me a message I can send you steel:
(if there is a way to just send gifts to a non-independent code someone let me know please)

If you are independent I could join you but I'm in a little debt with United earth
6y ago
Ottoich said:your code seems to be not existent

This should be my code: wFutxQTz (possibly)
6y ago
Tatooine said:Because I'm with the United earth I don't have a code yet

dadoftheyear said:give u the string of numbers and letters in the website code

Tatooine said:Thank you
6y ago
Because I'm with the United earth I don't have a code yet
6y ago
I am requesting Resources and money I am struggling with steel production any amount will do I can only pay with water.

My colony is: Tatooine
My code is: wFutxQTz (possibly)
6y ago
I have all of the things you have described but they are still protesting
6y ago
Unfortunately, i have lost my save and unable to recover it so please give some ideas and use my new charter any comments are appreciated

I am looking for a colony to accept my diplomatic mission if you are willing to do so leave your charter code Thank-you

I will not be using my original game sorry
Original code: jOAEkyZM

I will be starting a new charter soon because this map was too small, My new name will be Datooine and this is the new code:
6y ago


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