I like EZ Database! Thanks for making it.

Can you add many-to-one support in the relationship field type so that a record with a foreign key to another table can multi-select values from the foreign table and have those multiple values displayed separated by semicolons?

This would make lookup tables more functional.

For example, I’d like to use EZ Database to make a migraine headache log. One table is for the log, and another table is to hold medicines taken, and yet another table is for triggers. One Log entry can have multiple values from medicines and from Triggers. But to do that in the current version, I’d have to add multiple lookup fields to support something like “medicine taken 1”, “medicine taken 2”, etc. it would be much better to have a single “Medicines Taken” field that referenced multiple records in the Medicines table, with each medicine listed in the log separated by semicolons.