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So it seems education is actually more about jobs supposedly than actual education. Is that accurate?. But Draconians don't get very many job buildings, so maybe that is why approval is bad. Haven't figured out the death waves yet
So it seems they do use housing. But education is bad (at least that is why it shows they are unhappy), but I'm not sure why they get such mysterious massive death waves. In comparison, my UE colony has already outpaced the draconian one in much shorter time because there are no death waves that draconians get. Not sure why draconians keep dying, since health is at 100%.
For Draconians, since they get so many human migrants...there should be some buildings and stuff for their human counterparts. As it is, it seems humans are a negative impact on the cities, because they don't get homes or education or anything. So all they do is end up getting mad, which makes having a large city really hard.

The other thing, which I'm sure is because of the humans, is mysterious huge death waves. Government rating is low (humans likely being the cause) and a huge factor in unhappiness is education, but there is no education building. Yet I have 100% health, so I can only think humans are bringing the colony of draconians down.

I think draconians should get housing for humans, like a shelter kind of thing (draconians get a homeless shelter, but it doesn't seem to house humans). Education for humans, because why wouldn't the draconians want to teach their human migrants their own way of being draconian. And there should be entertainment for humans, and maybe a specialized clinic humans can go to if they are sick.
I noticed this as well. Tourists not leaving, not using tourism buildings
Not sure if Antiquitas isn't popular enough or if its just gonna be singleplayer or if multiplayer is planned. But in Engine settings I see multiplayer notification options, so I assume it may be a thing. That is one of my favorite things about My Colony is the social interactions and being able to help each other out and what not. Actually rather rare in a city building style game.
(note, I don't actually have Antiquitas yet, gonna buy it next month on steam. Gonna gift it to my friend too. We both really enjoy My Colony however and love this style of onto the suggestion)

I'm not sure how Carthage could work, but they (as far as I know) relied a lot on trade and naval based stuff. They also used quite a lot of mercenaries (again as far as I know). Which could be similar in a way to Draconians from My Colony, but mercenaries instead of slaves and be probably a bit different because of that. They could also be big into trading, though not entirely sure how that mechanic could play in. I know in My Colony there is trading, but not sure how it could be a focus.

Carthage and Rome were fierce enemies and could make for a really interesting civilization.


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