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Nvm. We uploaded our files to the computer and running them there fixed the issue all around. Even back on the phone. We booted the file back and forth but that probably wasn't needed.
Update: I am now aware that it does update the website because it has reset my new screenshot constantly, its just my information that's not going through. Does that mean my save has gone bad?
First, when I load my colony up, everything starts fine and all the features work. However the notification at the bottom of my screen that says I'm online with the independent image and another with the diplomacy image only comes on rarely. I'm not sure if this signifies I've just connected or if it is something else.

Second, I have recently gained independence and my friends wish to join my commonwealth, however it tells them I'm not independent yet. Upon further investigation we learned that my website was not updated with my independence and also has all my stats as zero. Is there any way to force the servers to update my information?

My Colony:
I'm having this same issue, can you explain your solution in more detail if there isn't a more refined of available?


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