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So I know you can gift with diplomacy. But what about sales? Is there a way to create private sales diredtly to another colony?

I have over 20 colonies (each specialized) and enough resources that I clear the GBT every night (for fair prices). But thinking about a private shipping company theme. You order, I deliver.
6y ago
You need to research your independent governance.
6y ago
Research, manufacture build bots, make sure you have ALL resources need for the next step.

Use the reference page to see what you still need.
6y ago
Beautiful thanks for all the work. I love having a game to play that finally does not require PVP.... XBOX! That rocks..
6y ago
Ahh..... 1.8 Quintillion...
6y ago
SO I noticed that my wealth (amount of money) never increases. I have a LOT of investment banks and resources say I should be bringing in 1.4mil per tick. But my money never goes up.

I turned on test popups and the banks show the constant $32 popup but my money never goes up. Is this by chance a known issue?
6y ago
You must be referring to the "dark" map. I had this happen also, an ice world that when I went back after a save the world was dark, with little "light" circles around the buildings and bots.
6y ago
LIS uses the black market.
6y ago
Seriously though. If too much money is an issue why not try to control the GTB where players are intentionally bleeding trades by selling ore for 100,000,000,000 per 100 and such? Controlling the GTB would be a better way to control cash. Otherwise take what you want, those same players will abuse the system again almost immediately.

Then you still have new players unable to progress due to high GTB costs.

6y ago
bastecklein said:You also need to keep in mind that the death star isn't going to just build itself. It takes $$$$

Just made the tax 100% justifiable!
6y ago

I am using windows application and have a LARGE map. Mega map that I increased at least 4 times.

I have tried everything from uninstalling the game to rebooting the computer, no success. Always freezes within minutes of opening the game.

EDIT 1: I saved the game file and imported into the Chrome version and the game runs fine.

EDIT 2: Then saved it and imported back to windows app and the game continues to run fine.
6y ago
It Enrichs your current Uranium, thus creating more. Important Note: If you run out of uranium (due to building or whater) Then they will have no uranium to enrich and be useless until you mine or buy some more.
6y ago
There is the fantasy land Arcology which just grants you 16k population.

6y ago
How I fixed my bot issue.

1. Self Destructed all my bots. (I had almost 100 of each bot for fast building).
2. Made sure to create a specific number of bots (I chose 20 of each).
3. Some times I had to completely reboot my PC and they seemed to run after that.
4. Instead of having them traveling the entire length of the map, use steps. I have a mega map that I increased multiple times. Sometimes the pathing seems to outright ignore things far out. When I moved them in increments they worked fine most of the time.

5. Be patient, Beck will fix it, I know the pain of being frustrated waiting for them to build but they just sit there. But it will get hashed out. Good luck.
6y ago
As IIIStrife said. Check you statistics (I think it is under government). There will be a pie chart that tells you why they are angry. Start fixing the largest slice first and keep going until they are happy again.
6y ago
What about a weather control station? It could be the alien version of an atmosphere generator. The biggest diference would be that you could set an atmosphere range say 5mil to 15mil and it would automatically create enough (or reduce enough) atmosphere to stay in that range??
6y ago


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