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@bastecklein Hey thanks for the detailed response. I want to say while I have your attention that I have really enjoyed this game. Now that you've updated some things and explained the mechanics, I'll give it another go and if I find anything that's not consistent with what you described I'll make a video or a detailed report of what's going on.
6y ago
You seem to be saying the whole unemployment thing wasn't a bug, but it doesn't make sense for a building to suddenly fill with on-duty workers when you click the "show workers" button. I don't see how any intentional game mechanic would make that happen. Plus the fact that buildings would list the same person several times in the list of workers, and the statistics would show zero empty jobs even when several buildings would show vacancies.
6y ago
So... no mention of the worker bug in the changelog. Can anyone tell me if this has been fixed?

EDIT: uhh nope. doesn't appear to be fixed :/
6y ago
nunez499 said:

Why do you think this depends on the update?

Because updates involve bug fixes a lot of times? Although it looks like more that one update has been released since the problem has been going on...
6y ago
You may just have so many regolith compactors running that the miners can't keep up. I usually run into that problem early on in a new colony. Just deactivate all your compactors (you can click stats on just one of the compactors and click "deactivate all"), build a few regolith mines with something right next to it that can accept reg., and mine them. Once you build up some reg, you can build a long strip of mines and like 40 or so miners and mine very quickly to keep up with your compactors. Once you've got your operation going strong, reactivate your compactors and you'll be good to go. You'll have to keep building mines periodically to keep up with demand.

EDIT: Oh, and if your map is completely our of reg, then once you deactivate all your compactors and all the buildings that consume reg, such as steel factories or whatever they're called, you'll have to recycle a few buildings for more reg until you can afford a mine. Mine that, use that reg to build more mines, and slowly build up your supply.
6y ago
Restarting worked once for me, but not again after that. I'm using the latest version on Windows 10 btw. Just letting it run for a while seems to help a little bit but it never fully fixes the problem. I just starting playing recently and I thought this was just a problem from the last update, but I'm seeing that people have been complaining about this for almost 3 months :(
6y ago
I tried rendering then unrendering colonists, fire drills, starving my entire population to death and filling it with new colonists, restarting the game, starting new colonies, but nothing helps.
6y ago
So, like a lot of people, I'm getting the bug that's keeping my buildings from producing. They will have employed workers with nobody on duty, and I can click "show workers" and it will fix it for that individual building, but it's obviously a huge pain when you have hundreds of buildings you would need to fix to get things going, plus a lot of times the bug comes right back in a few minutes anyway so it's pointless. I was really enjoying the game before that started happening. Is there anything I can do other than wait for a fix? Is it possible to play an older version of the game and not update it until a fix comes? Has anyone found a way to more easily work around this bug?
6y ago
I joined but I'm not receiving any payroll assistance. When I pay my workers it tells me I'm going to receive the assistance, but I don't get anything. This is my first online colony so maybe I'm just doing something wrong. Am I supposed to receive it as a gift like with offline colonies? Did you run out of money? I don't know how this works and I wasn't able to find an explanation.
6y ago


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