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Is this still a bug? Seems like I'm missing the Investment Bank... I have the required techs (Tall Construction and Galactic Finance Theory), but it doesn't show up on my building list, nor on my Construction Drone's building list.
4y ago
@Nikko I'm using data from this link:
It has no data on amount, just prices. The graphic follows the rolling price.
My guess is that those spikes (those are HUGE, the graphic is in logarithmic scale) were caused by Ruffians buying some of those absurdly expensive and large contracts (like 100.000.000 Uranium for 200.000.000 per 100) and selling everything for 0...
4y ago
I've been monitoring prices through the API this week... seems like there were some huge spikes/dips on market rolling prices.
I've made a script that gathers data every 30 minutes (maybe I'll monitor every 5 or 10 minutes next week). By the rolling prices, it seems like there were some huge transactions before all those dumps, which forced the rolling price down again.
4y ago
Thanks, never notice this on the Black Market Bazzar reference.
Maybe it's time to build a whole black market colony... 0.85/min of 28 resources... So, for every 28 Bazzars, I get 0.85 of each resource/min (theoretically, because they are random).
With only 2800 Bazzars, I cant get 85/minute of diamonds, antanium, uranium, aluminium, alien artifacts...
4y ago
Just a question... how does the rolling price works?
4y ago
Also, I neglected those Sugarcane trees since the beginning of my colony, now they are taking over most of the empty space... I'd love some way to bulldoze them en-masse, or make some sugar cane collector available for human colonies as well...

Edit: 0.48.0 just released, adds Sugar Rover that can collect (and plant) Sugar Cane, neat!
4y ago
I've been getting this bug since v0.45. Almost every time I load a game, I get 1 or 2 of a random resource I can't generate. In the attached screenshot, highlighted in pink, I have sugar and ant paste in a human colony, and my colony doesn't have any uranium, crystal or diamon deposit.

4y ago


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