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temamix said:I bought this app a long time ago. Back then, it didn't have a built-in media player. And now I have installed the Network Browser again. And faced a problem. With any settings, only the built-in media player is enabled in the program. There is no media player selection dialog. But the built-in media player does not support system AFR. How do I disable the built-in media player? And be able to choose MX player?

Exactly even I'm facing the same issue in Network browser for FireTV, it would be great if devs can add subtitles support in the inbuilt player as it doesn't have it, otherwise adding support for 3rd party apps would be best. Overall the app is good and other features works well.
Hi, I'm currently using Network Browser on FireTv (2nd gen) I have personal samba network to stream movies, I have successfully configured everything sadly the only problem is I can't use any other app to launch the video files, I have vlc and other media players installed by as soon as I hit play it starts playing using the internal video player, despite setting 'use other player' from the menu. Otherwise please add subtitles facilities in the inbuilt video player which would be great addition instead! And users will be satisfied with inbuilt player itself.


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