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Working really well now with the latest change. Thx 👍.
Sounds more like a workaround than a solution to the root problem 😉, but seems to work for me, even on big maps.
6y ago
V.0.44.0 is not fixing anything for me.

I found the bug shows only on large+ maps. No issue at all on any of the platforms playing a small map.
6y ago
Hi there, the problem with builder bots became severe with the last update to v.0.43.0 on Android 7.0 (Honor "8" )
A reload of the game makes some of the bots working for one building location. After that they get "stuck" and cant move to any new location.

On iOS 10.3.3 with v.0.42.0 the vehicles work more or less fine (need to use "move" function if no longer building). This workaround no longer works on v.0.43.0.

Thx for the great game btw, keep up the great work. Happy to keep on "testing" with phone or tablet ;)
6y ago


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