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I am seeing the same behavior on .47 in Chrome (latest version).

Opening the key bindings and selecting the binding I want to change seems to set the key, but after I open that dialog, if I try to use ANY binding (custom or default) the bindings do not work, they bring the key binding interface back up.

I noticed that when I went to exit the key binding screen after setting the binding I wanted to change, what happens instead of taking me back to the Engine Settings screen or out of Engine Settings when I click Dismiss, it instead says something about setting a key binding for null. The screen can then be dismissed, but bindings do not work at all after that.
6y ago
@TheGreatPumpkin -- while I think the size of the colony might contribute, I started a new Zolarg colony yesterday and I noticed on the Antanium smelters the same problem. The Zolargs don't notice the issue as acutely, since the baseline production needs come from the bugs harvesting the actual environment itself, not producing something from the resources. This colony is only around 2500 colonists at the time I noticed it happening. The smelters reported six workers but wasn't producing, you look at the 6 workers and find out there are only 3 and 2 are unemployed, or there are 3-4 of the same person, etc. What is worse to me, is that the Zolarg colony I started was online, not in the native client, so it appears to me this isn't native client specific, which I thought maybe it was since I'd only experienced it there and not in any of my online colonies as of yet.
6y ago
I'm not seeing the hospital issue but I've been seeing the precise same thing as the OP happen since .44, on Win10 Native Client, and I started a brand new colony on .47 as I thought maybe something was corrupted in my old 65K population colony. Less than 6K population, and my buildings are all starting to show this bug. I can't seem to attach screen shots in this forum, but the original post describes the issue I'm seeing precisely.

I'll add another detail that I just noticed. Several times now when I've clicked on the worker details, I've seen workers reportedly working at another building. For instance, I click on an Advanced Ore Refinery that isn't producing any steel. I see 6/6 workers. I click to see who the workers are (maybe they are protesting?). I have 1 unemployed, 1 sleeping and 1 working at my Microchip factory. I clicked a microchip factory showing 26/26 and see only 4 of the same-named person all unemployed. I close out, click the factory again and it says 4/26 workers. I click to check details, and there are 26 people listed, many of them repeats, all unemployed.

My approval rating is 83%, health 95%, and I haven't found anyone protesting (but I don't see how to get that list since we went to the new statistics interface, so there could be mass protests, I guess). I have colonist rendering turned off, and went with a permanent daytime setting. I'm on a mega-sized asteroid map with normal resource levels.

I have plenty of resources across the board. Lots of ore for the refineries, all pieces needed for microchips, etc. It is all production buildings seeing this though. Hydroponics labs, hatcheries, oil refineries, etc.

As I've tried to dig in, I noticed that for awhile, I had more jobs filled than I had population. I tried to remedy that with more landing pads and cloning facilities, and while I now have a population that properly corresponds to the 3% unemployment statistics shows, there is still an almost total lack of production going on.

This is an LIS colony. I will start a new Zolarg colony and see if I encounter similar behavior if I can get the time. The patience to get a Zolarg colony to a fun level is more than I am probably going to have today, though :-(.

Right now, this makes the game basically unplayable. If there is something I can try or info I can provide tell me what it is and I'll do it as I can.


EDIT: I closed out of the game and re-opened it, and left it running for a little while. It looks like most of my production has restarted, but now I'm seeing that I have a population of 6346 and 0% unemployment with a number of jobs filled at 6408. I've got 0 Illegal Immigrants, so I'm not sure how I've got more jobs filled than citizens, since I didn't think they could take out 2 jobs simultaneously.
6y ago
Was thinking this update was super cool, but I just hit the issue some of us reported in .44, where a building is going along producing just fine, and then it suddenly stops. When you click the building, it shows a number of workers, but when you drill into the worker details, it shows something different. I've essentially abandoned my previous colony because it got so bad that 5 minutes after I started playing my food was all gone since none of my hatcheries or vertical farms were actually producing, and I can't serve the population with potato farms. This is happening on a brand new colony with just under 6K colonists. I just also noticed that sometimes when I drill into the worker details, it shows the workers actually employed SOMEWHERE ELSE than the building I'm inspecting.

I'm going to try and put some screenshots into a bug report post that shows what I'm experiencing in the hopes it helps.

6y ago
So here's another piece of weirdness. I thought I'd take a look at @TheGreatPumpkin's thoughts and turned colonist rendering back on to see if I could force folks into buildings.

It's a ghost town. Not a single colonist roaming the streets. And yes, I zoomed in to the point where they would be seen.

6y ago
Firedrill didn't fix it for me. I have 67K colonists. I don't think I'm going to spend the time clicking each one individually and putting them in buildings :-).
6y ago
Thanks, Patchdaddy. I didn't get the note, so that's why I was asking. I had poked around the various sub-forums but didn't see it, thus this thread. I totally get the 'it's not working' thing, and you'll never get that from me! I'll always try to provide as much info as I can to get troubleshooting direction.
6y ago
Well, I'd hope that rather than just deleting a conversation for a beta game folks are spending time playing and providing feedback on a mod would comment on it, even if it were a snarky comment. I wasn't filing an official bug report, I was trying to generate some conversation over whether others are seeing something I'm seeing so I COULD gather information for a bug report. If that kind of thing isn't the spirit of these forums, I'll probably just drop playing. Other things to do with my time. I rather hope it was a system problem, though, since I like playing!! :-)

Thanks for the reply!
6y ago
I don't see this posted anywhere, so I'm posting it as a possible bug.

A detailed description of your issue:

Messages require multiple entries to delete, if you do anything besides read the message.

Steps to replicate the issue you are having.

Open message to read it. Click 'send message'. Send the message. Hit Delete -- nothing happens. Hit 'Nevermind'. Go back into the message. Hit 'Delete'. Message deletes.

The platform for your game


Version of My Colony (this can be found on the title screen)

.43, .44
6y ago
Did my post about 'weirdness post .44' and the associated discussion break some rule I didn't notice?
6y ago
I just tried it on my one Android colony, running .44, and it's the same as on my native client colony. Tap the pavement and a screen pops up that gives you the option to upgrade the one grid or all, and the best part is it tells you the cost of upgrading all of them (buildings need this feature!!).
6y ago
One click upgrade ROCKS!
6y ago
On native client, they don't show unemployed, they just don't show up. I'm wondering if trash is making workers sick so fast they can't work and maybe I don't have enough clinics or something. I've got 63K citizens and 630K trash, but can't clear it fast enough with recyclers due to the worker issue. It takes so long to build the trash piles that by the time they're built it does almost no good, and the atmosphere increase caused by the incinerators will completely undo my almost getting it back to 15M (from 74M). ARRGGHH.
6y ago
I'm now also seeing that the 'click fix' doesn't last. My food production suddenly shut off again, and I hadn't exited the game. So I go around to all my hatcheries, sweat shops, etc., and get it going again. This time I save and quit the game, and about 5 or so minutes in, it's stopped producing food and basically all resources where people need to be present.

Something is amiss.
6y ago
I started showing average age of 1 just after the upgrade. Now it's showing an average age of 0.
6y ago
I just went to .44 on my thick client main colony today and my food, which hovers around 2M in inventory suddenly started plummeting. I had water coming in no issue, so that wasn't it. My vertical farms, mass production plants and hatcheries just stopped producing.

I started noticing other resources were dropping, too, like uranium, which I have a decent farm of enrichment facilities and keep just ahead of my usage so I have a small stockpile.

As I start investigating, I clicked on a Uranium facility, and it reported 70/70 workers. I decided to make sure that they were actually working, and when I clicked to see the worker details, it didn't bring up the list, but it also didn't report 'No Unemployment' like it normally will. I selected the building again, and it now showed 0/70. I clicked the next facility, and it showed some number of workers, and when I clicked to show the list, it immediately started producing again.

I tried this with my food production facilities, and it worked with all but one hatchery. So food production is back in swing like it should be, but now I'm starting to see this same behavior with every single building that requires workers to produce -- sheep farms, aluminum generators, distilleries, recycling centers, etc.

I've noticed that it doesn't ALWAYS restart production. I've also noticed that workers just seem to have abandoned their posts across huge swaths of my facilities.

The other behavior I've seen is sometimes if I click a building, check the employee count, click to see the list, and it's actually zero, after I click a few more buildings, the first building is right back at the employee count it had initially, but still won't show the list, and then goes to zero in the next click. It's bizarre. I've seen it with every resource except for trash. Trash just keeps coming, but research stops, civics stops, everything stops. I'm having to click every.single.building to try and get any production back.

Anyone else seen this sort of thing?

6y ago


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