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yep sometimes they come back the rest double as communication satalights lol
11d ago
You can add me to the list . my colony has stood the time test almost the five years for me as well.
my colony 2 is comming along as well .
12d ago
well thanks i liked the desk top client my self
well the game now renders either IF you use Auto it still will not render using a PNG file .
Auto just nloves filling half the region with rivers either lava
24d ago
well looks like the bots now build correctly . but if you destro a drop off point while miners are using it they stop mining and must be destroyed and new ones built to get them working again . ps i have not tried logingout and in though that may fix it as it does with mc 1
1mo ago
I really wish you could alest fix the Building bots bug in my colony 2 .
it is so hard to get them to build correctly I spend a lot of time just moving them manually to build sites .
as for my colony 1 again i wish you would fix the No rivers aka either bug as no worlds with rendered water either and probly lava generate the resource either by auto or by the png file any more .
as always i love these two games and would like to keep supporting devolment .
thank you marry Christmas
1mo ago
Yes the bots do not build correctly
bots just don't build correctly . the most basic function is the bots needing to build correctly. id love to play my colony 2 . Really glad it was not expensive .
as. FOR the love of my colony 2 the BOTs alest need to be able to build correctly .
1mo ago
LOrd you filled a entire regon ? must be close to 500 citys
1mo ago
STill not working
web version desktop version .24 NON
1mo ago
The new bot looks cool .
My question for this game is now that its near impossible to gain 35 TRILLION coins playing on line will any thing be added to offset the problem .Or is playing on line just dead ?
selling resourses just wont work for 35 trill NO ONE buys ships it would take 100 billion arts or so and no one buys darkmatter .
I spent a week tring to see if i could get the 35 trillion on line . ONLY ships can sell enough of to get it and ships dont sell
2mo ago
My question is when will you fix the builder bots all types ?
They still wont build correctly going to build then moving back to ware they were over and over .
you have to move the bots to the place they are building .
also they go through buildings then you can no longer see them being forced to make a new bot to get the ones under buildings out .
the buildng issue just makes it so anoying to play i rarly play the game
2mo ago
lower pricing is not price gouging what trades has is both high price and lowest price limits .
and that has NOTHING to do with colonists striking
2mo ago
I had a few citys FULL of simulation unlimited buildings in one region had had a coin income of 26 BILLION a Mint lol
Thing is it took the Simulations Fab teck to do it The 35 trillion coins teck and citys full of the nanite servers buildings . was going to see if i could get it to 300 billion coins a mint or so lol it would take a region full to do it lol .
2mo ago
now you have teck that is 35 trillion one huge thing that would help is having the ship port sell the ships ( as it already does ) BUT for the Trades value .
as it is now the ships sell for almost nothing letting the port sell them.
This could be one way to make coins towards that 35 trillion we need .
as i posted before FEW people buy the high vaul iteams like ships or tri no one buys darkmatter alien arts sell some at times but its hit or miss .
really with the exports being 99.9 its simpler to start the region OFFLINE once you have all teck and enough resources being made sacrfice every thing going online .
right now i am running a region from start on line top see just how hard that 35 trillion is.
going to sell arts and tri then nanits and see how long it takes
2mo ago
Dont know if you will see this BUT here is a work around .
IF the file is still a seprat file cant remember the formet Just click drag drop into the game and it will work .
But not cross platform you would need to do it for any device you play on .
3mo ago
so how do you tink people can sell enough resources to get 35 TRILLION coins Bast ? Ships rarly sell even with the the weapon Base that eats them like candy .
weapons no longer worth much . and no one going to be buying dark matter . as for alien arts lord it would take Billions . so in effect there is no real way to get 35 trillion playing one line . or course the big reason i play one line at all was the 100,000,000 IMPORT feature . off line the most is 1 million from the ship port .
you want to do what your saying we need a IN game way to Make 35 trillion coins !
3mo ago
Using import with trades I tried Exporting Odision at 5.7 Million per 100 andf Noticed i got almost NOTHING .
Transaction fee shows 99.9 % making EXPORTING USLESS
3mo ago
spice world is so white it makes it hard to see the 3 d part of land . ps have vision issues so probly harder for me then most .
3mo ago
hey thanks the miltiary complex brings in ether !!!! yea for earth base
3mo ago
Hi just seen the new update .27 i think
anyway started a new planet red planet earth and the rover wont BUILD anything it will just go from parked to buildng and back NOT building it UNLESS you stop it then park it next to the building that needs to be built .
ill report back if this effects all building type bots . PS doing normal for mining .
PSS ok as LONG as the Bot is NOT parked they build normal so to anyone one DO NOT park your bots if you want them to build .
4mo ago
One thing with the teraformor could you add BUILD UP The ground as well ? on either worlds half the planet is either and its hard to find big open flat spots .
in other words FILL in the lakes or ether pools .
4mo ago


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