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its happening again from last night . if your signed out the game will load BUT you sign in the game wont load . if you sign in staying on screen start new city save function wont work . its all my colony games and aqu game so its server issues .
7d ago
fixed it
1mo ago
The game opens load colonys but the bots are haveing error stop building or more then one group 1 group buildings other wont .. the resources bar at the top having errors relaoding the population stats from all to dont show storage . just all kinds of bot erros that make building difficaly as bot stops or returns to park of one group builds one doesnt . windows 10
1mo ago
that page is working thanks -now my colony 1 is acting up with the game running but the bots doing random errors
1mo ago
the app will start showing the game but clicking on anything nothing happens. won't load any colo9nys create new colony's nothing in settings is working ---- windows 10 desktop browser versions both chrome and explorer also android app wont load anything from settings, ... Is the server down? . This problem started a week back and has gotten progressively worse. any information as to what the probolem is would be appreciated . to add i also tried differnt connections wifi - my hot spot adn app on phone all the same results wont load colonys .
1mo ago
You put in faith but no ways to bring it up ? im assuming its a churchs thing ?
2mo ago
thanks now i can be on every part of the leader board lol both most population and economy and every trophy there is lol youknow i still want horses as a resource lol ..
7mo ago
it updated now thaks
8mo ago
love the trees look like fruit trees im still kind of loving colony 1 but this new ones getting really nice now .
my colony 1 on the off chance it would be nice if there was a way we could buy all the older buildings as i missed quite a few when you started doing that . I LOVE the new resident structure 30000 k colonist really nice
8mo ago
if you know how to get earhs worlds to be red not yellow please let me know mine turned yellow weeks back even creating a new earh world they are yellow its annoying
11mo ago
dont know what bug it was but still cant use JPG file to render either rivers on a new region .
really i liked to be able touse that as autorender fills 2/3 of a region
1y ago
Humm just like the real worlds mars is littered with junk vehicles .lol
well ill say i lost a few hundred lost in the wilderness
1y ago
well thanks Baste . i hope you got the failing to render either water from PNG file corrected .
the auto works but lord fills a 3rd of a region lol
as always you have my support and thanks for a great game heck it was a bargon at what i payed .
my colony 2 is coming alone i like the way you gather artifacts .
i still play antiq lord cant spell it but you know with that .its a nice builder as well
game still will not use PNG file to render either water and such .
honesty alest for lis abandoned world it should be on the online market and be produced by it if the world cant render either any way but auto
1y ago
yep sometimes they come back the rest double as communication satalights lol
1y ago
You can add me to the list . my colony has stood the time test almost the five years for me as well.
my colony 2 is comming along as well .
1y ago
well thanks i liked the desk top client my self
well the game now renders either IF you use Auto it still will not render using a PNG file .
Auto just nloves filling half the region with rivers either lava
1y ago
well looks like the bots now build correctly . but if you destro a drop off point while miners are using it they stop mining and must be destroyed and new ones built to get them working again . ps i have not tried logingout and in though that may fix it as it does with mc 1
1y ago
I really wish you could alest fix the Building bots bug in my colony 2 .
it is so hard to get them to build correctly I spend a lot of time just moving them manually to build sites .
as for my colony 1 again i wish you would fix the No rivers aka either bug as no worlds with rendered water either and probly lava generate the resource either by auto or by the png file any more .
as always i love these two games and would like to keep supporting devolment .
thank you marry Christmas
1y ago
Yes the bots do not build correctly
bots just don't build correctly . the most basic function is the bots needing to build correctly. id love to play my colony 2 . Really glad it was not expensive .
as. FOR the love of my colony 2 the BOTs alest need to be able to build correctly .
1y ago
LOrd you filled a entire regon ? must be close to 500 citys
1y ago


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