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RE:Can't access part of my region after using stargate.

2019-03-23 21:42:17
still happing started a new region LIS two spots placing a mid size city fails to reenter the city .\ worse I deleted the citys and placed new ones in the spots and still just sends me back to region view tring to enter the citys
well one of the spot i deleted a city that did not load now loads the other still wont . I placed a couple random city's around the region and the reloaded ok so seams maybe its just the one spot .
thing is when i deleted it teh first time and remade the city i could enter then leave .
Maybe like the other guys its connected to opening the ( bazzar

RE:Advanced cloning facility - Page 2

2019-03-22 14:37:52
but sometimes it seams to stop
try putting in more jobs then colonists then see what happens I noticed when jobs colonists match is when you dont get extras with gate

RE:Advanced cloning facility - Page 2

2019-03-22 14:37:37
not for me lol

RE:Wood on a moon planet (United Earth)

2019-03-22 14:35:38
takes 1 million atsmophere to get trees

RE:Unemployment+Buildings Not Working - Page 8

2019-03-22 01:33:53
the one and only way to get the buildings to have works working correctly is open workers .
nothing else effect it .
If ( and on the rare occasions the game is correctly having workers working you get a major jump in production .
this bug has been in for a wile my guess is bast just cant find it .
the game still works at about 1/3 of what it would be if it worked they way it was programmed to .

I can say using the open the buildings workers to get them working done with all will make a jump of tripling production .
going by the way the game works take a investment bank at all times there should be minim of 180 some on the job assuming 1/3 sleeping and 1/3 playing .
back in the day you could get them ALL on one shift by putting extreme work on for a few mints i sure miss that .
this is a older bug been around for many versions .
anyway just add it in to your production plans it just means instead of a 100 of a building you need 133 to offset the ones who should be showing working

RE:Advanced cloning facility

2019-03-20 17:56:37
lol I love these ideas
I tested all ways Cloning factory = 100 = maybe 300 colonists a mint = 4000 colonists
Space elevator = 100 does about the same as cloning maybe a little faster = 3000 colonists
down side eye sore
Galactic Freight = 100 still close to cloning 100 = 1800 colonists

star gate really isn't all that much faster I spammed a 100 or more they take TONS of power 28 million power out of which they are using 50 % of it minim .

I finly went back using 120 landing pads Tto get them started and a 100 cloning .
The space elevator spamed is a eye sore and Galactic Freight is slower ( not much but slower )

I thought of colonists being able to cross citys as well .
as for large map well he can add it but now I think ill test small maps that should decrees building times .
Even a mid size map starts slowing down when its 3/4 full .

RE:Starting from scratch. Learn from my mistakes?

2019-03-20 17:38:21
or browser ?

RE:Starting from scratch. Learn from my mistakes?

2019-03-20 17:37:50
o its never the pc lol
I only ask because the fix depends on the device .
Now please what version you use Desktop or the launcher ?

RE:Starting from scratch. Learn from my mistakes?

2019-03-20 17:15:57
yes I get that problem from time to time
tehre are quite a few fixs . if one does not work another mite .
What device you play on ?

Adding Delete to Transmission Hub for charters you no longer message .

2019-03-20 17:12:58
My transmission hub is getting full ( mostly of my own old colony's I deleted .
Being able to delete coloniys you no loner want to message would be nice to get rid of the clutter

RE:Consulate bug (?)

2019-03-17 01:59:39
well good that I what most people do not do .
manual back up file works better then every thing

RE:Corrupted save file

2019-03-16 21:39:42
tried that today my self got the same error went from pc to phone ( lucky me reopened on pc ok

RE:Regions version 0.83.0 UPDATED ALL resources BUG

2019-03-16 16:04:43
this is a fun bug went and started yet another region to see just how far this bug goes .
so using every short cut ( 1500 labs I got Artificial intelligence in a couple hours Built one .
my research then was coming in at 35,000 on the resource counter ..
when to the second city ( which just has storage wated for stats to update then went back to the first city and deleted EVERY lab and the one artificial intelligence building .
then went beck to the second city and wated . Not one building in ether city for producing research .
bammm 10 k research comes in lol .

anyway works with any resource once started the resource never stops No matter what you do .
I could go to my main delete every building Except storage and still be getting the same amount of resources I am now .
ps The city that had the research buildings Does not have research still coming in it is only when I goto the second city it comes in ( went back between citys a few times now its still going .
I could using just two citys build every thing one step at a time say research Deleted then say civc ( banks ) deleted then and get every resource comeing in from just one city and after words delete every building in it lol .
Out of allthe bugs I have found over the last 2 years this one has got to be hands down the funnest one

RE:Regions version 0.83.0 UPDATED ALL resources BUG

2019-03-16 09:20:53
the new region for testing this bug on ly has 3 citys NO gold left to harvest But gold still coming in at over 5 k each time No matter how many times I change which city I am in or how long I am in region view .


RE:Regions version 0.83.0 UPDATED ALL resources BUG

2019-03-16 09:17:34
It does not matter HOW long I stay in region or what city I enter the bug just keeps bugging lol
With this bug You could delet EVERY thing in a city and as long as you got storage you would still get the resources that city was making lol

RE:Regions version 0.83.0 Atmosphere scrubber BUG !

2019-03-15 18:17:01
down to 2.5 million atsmophere at this point I built 135 of the big atmosphere makers probly will need another 50 to Counter the scrubbers that are going ( lucky I noticed this another hour I would be out of atmosphere totally
anyway its easy to see just use a region build 100 scrubbers let them run a wile then goto another city run it then delete the scrubbers then go back between the ciys no matter how many times you do the game acts like the scrubbers are still there

Regions version 0.83.0 UPDATED ALL resources BUG

2019-03-15 17:28:23
Desktop version
I left the old post under this an d added more info
Regions Once you start getting any resource and it runs out going into another city the game acts like the resource is still being harvested ( or made )
Realizing this last night I started a new region Just with the idea of testing this bug .
3 city's started harvesting Game placed GOLD and crystals . ALL Gold harvested No bots harvesting and yet every time I get the resources from region GOLD comes in and crystals
Regions been in game a wile cant believe no one noticed this before lol .

I have like ten citys in one region and my atmosphere was hitting 23 million so I thought why not be smart about it .
started one region put in 100 or more scrubbers watched as I lost 250 k on resource counter .
then around 9 million I stopped them ( deactivated ) them whet to another city and resources still taking it away at 250 k rate so went back to the city they were in DELETED them ALL
and went back to my next city Still loosing 250 k Atsmophere down to under 4 million now .
went back and forther a few times no change . but I deleted Them all .

anyway to counter this bug I am building 200 big atsmophere producers but for now there is no way to reduce as scrubbers even DELETED take it away .

RE:buying bricks in massive amounts on trades 1000 per

2019-03-15 14:06:33
thanks ( maybe the forms could use a trades section

RE:Unemployment and homeless stat incorrect

2019-03-14 23:07:15
its been like that for ages very annoying one solution is end game ( Deport homeless )
but even then stats almost allows show colonists made about homeless even when non have been homeless for hours even days .
only thing I will say no matter how low yoiur ratings get they just keep working lol

RE:buying bricks in massive amounts on trades 1000 per

2019-03-14 23:00:03
still need 3 more lots of 50 million bricks each lot

RE:buying bricks in massive amounts on trades 1000 per

2019-03-14 22:59:08
forgot that part lol but really my offer is 400 over every one elses lol

RE:buying bricks in massive amounts on trades 1000 per

2019-03-14 22:58:33

buying bricks in massive amounts on trades 1000 per

2019-03-14 22:38:35
really need bricks I post 4 offers 50 million brick each at 1000 per 100 someone got some plz ?

RE:The Galactic Emperor is Rich

2019-03-13 19:09:09
he can give any gift he wants even paintings on any world
I have gotton ships many times along with paintings and other random stuff ( ships are nice )

RE:Was I ever wrong about Regions Best idea ever !

2019-03-13 18:22:07
thankfully bast never put in any demand graphic with SimCity first thing you needed to do was get demand for a resource if you had none it did not matter how many areas you added for say factory's they just would not fill with employs

Was I ever wrong about Regions Best idea ever !

2019-03-13 18:10:57
Finly decided to really try and see how regions works .
And boy was I ever Wrong with what I thought they would be .
My big problem was I am still stuck in how SimCity 4 worked and thought bast did it like them .

All the issues with SimCity 4 regions are just not there .
First starting a new city takes a second ( SimCity 4 takes up to a mint or 3 even )
second resources Are counted across all regions ( unlike SimCity 4 which you had to enter each city for that citys resources to update )
A Huge difference .
The one downside is each city must have its own landing pads or what every way to get colonists you use .
If bast could make it so colonists could arrive from any city regions would be perfect . Then you start a new city and just add houses first .

anyway It also does away with the slowing down of a huge city almost totally . For the very first time I have over 250 k colonists and am adding more for the very first time I finly getting resources in at rates I thought out of reach without the mega city .

Using regions you can get resource gains of darn near any amount you like .

anyway am glad I finly understand how regions works . Ps one really cool thing is I can make whole citys just for looks beaches forest the works .

Ps on a final note It would be amazing if when placing a new city we could Chose what world and species it would be .


RE:Antiquitas v1.22.0 Released

2019-03-11 02:00:25
I still enjoy the game really it nice .
just so you know . such a good job making the game

RE:Unlocking premium on iOS

2019-03-11 01:55:14
yes goto your settings HERE at this site and UPLOAD the prim file to your profile THEN when you log into the game ON any device the game will be prim .
PS the prim upgrade is still afile right ? lol
mine was done long long agaio

Expanding on auto selling ( auto sell on export buildings like the gate

2019-03-11 01:15:45
one issue with auto sell when using it Storage is full then refills so if the trade does not sell it is returned and then storage is millions over full . So it decays .
Now having it so we can set up the gate to auto Export would get rid of excess ore water food gold and such with the added benefit on Only taking a 100 k at a pop .
I really like this you added in once finished it can really incress income .
Also once again adding in a option to set auto export to start at lower then full storage .
say setting it to export 100 k OVER 3 million or what ever amount you set the auto export to start at .


RE:Strange Estimated value in Resources bar 0.83

2019-03-11 01:03:44
value is determined on trades not saying this is not a bug but values changing in trades and even your own colony effects the value you see on the resource bar