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the input amount of rescorses wanted will help alot thanks
13d ago
the person can not upgrade basic buildngs ? like chip plant or labs ? or housing ?
if so sure it can be done in 2 months to buy all teck lol
24d ago
i guess your talking about a single player map .but really you also talked about the gravity warehouse .
which is very near end game .
you say minium 400 colonist but state no max .
o and you dont say you cant expand the map . but lets say it stays small now lis abandoned world gives either and has the upgraded hacker camp so if the goal is to get to end game on a small map it would be easy .
really using upgraded labs 20 will get you to high teck fast adding upgraded chip plants say 10 mine gold ore when needed al buy from hacker came .
ooo a week end game .

so that the challange getting to end game on a small map ? no buying resources from trades ?
upgraded hacker camp saves tons of time it brings in every thing 10 of them covers near all resources including tri .
anyway your out line challange is vage very vage
24d ago
Hi i may be wrong But My guess is the anticheat you added agaes agaio may be what is making people louse resources when exicting the game and its alot more likly to happen if you exit without saving .
PSS details on the not saving .... I noticed long agaio you DONT lose Buildngs and You Louse more resource then from last save . In other words You can save then play a hour then exit without save and louse hours and hours of Resoures mainly while Keeping all buildngs . But may also louse teck you had already got while still keeping the buildngs you built while you had the teck in question .
anyway maybe it would be worh a try changing the anticheat as It never has wearked well .
5mo ago
umm wow even lol
Ps reslly could use a mod how to what to use guide I am sure you probly already said such but having a how to download file on the mod page so we know what to do would make it simple tp learn . TY
5mo ago
if your using a phone the file will be in your downloads accculty pc as well ps file name will be a long string of numbers and be a amk file
6mo ago
I tried to place the Galactic stock exchange and did not have all needed resources this ghost building is now in the city It is Unclickable as you can see you can see through it .
ps A my colony 2 Bug form mite be a good thing as i really didnot know were to put this post .
Ps hope you see it , Thanks
6mo ago
Hi bast mite be a good diea to put a BUg form for my colony 2 ....
Version 0.18.0 umm chrome -- please chekc my colony form for Ghost building Bug if i can attach the photo .
6mo ago
PS if you do NOT PARK The bot it builds more then one at a time again .;
6mo ago
Well Bast theres a Bug in 0.18.0 chrome ---- Parking the bot ---- build say 3 solar power cells or any other buildng of more then one at a time .
The bot will go build ONE of the placed buildngs GO back and Park then GO build the next Buildng and so one .
So park build ONE repark Build one repark Build one . so if your parking is far well lol .
6mo ago
the s;iders are all so thin it makes them hard to control thing is they use to be easer thicker some reason bast thined them down .
adding a amount box humm all i do is get close to amounts my self . open the trades then slide down lower then what i have .
over all its playable . at end game i only sell to ship port by the million or what ever amount of ships i have
6mo ago
there is a way Get alien teck then build the alien import export stargate
what you cant get in ether
7mo ago
pss if you dekleted the client you use then reinstall again you loos all saves .
7mo ago
DID you change the platform your using ? pnone app web app native client ?
You MUST use the SAME platform you already had if you switched to another one not relizing you wont see any saves .
ps I dont know if manual backups even work anymore but you can also backup the agme to your device then import the file to any platforms > ( far as I know this has not worked in ages BUT bast did say he fixed bugs so maybe it does now .
7mo ago
I love it when the person has already thought of the issues gr8 thanks
7mo ago
Humm so if a colony is Neutral can another player declare war and attacke that player anyway ??
I see you talking about a single play map which would be what would keep me in the game .
Bust my but building a nice city to only have someone randomly destroy it no thanks .
worse you will have tons of players WHO ONLY goal will be causing chaos because they can .
7mo ago
One other thing there is a cheat for my colony 2 if you want to know how it works ( ps a BUILT IN cheat BTW let me know ill email you . Psss Shooting my self in the FOOT telling lol its the SAME built in cheat my colony has just not as good .
7mo ago
O The My colony store the Make earth great again cup VERY funny lol .
Ps making earth great would be a FIRST time thing though LOLOLOL
7mo ago
Hi again Bast .
Umm ok when mining say AL or Gold it can take going a far distance for the main base to find deposits .
The way I do it is Building straight roads until i find some . Thing is It can BE far far away from the base .
Now using the builder bot to run the road also miens I can Build a BOT factory ON SITE .
PROBLEM is clicking build a AL bot the game uses a RANDOM bot factory to build it so MANY are built AT THE base leaving being stuck with building 30 to get 10 on site .
Simple fix is once out of MINING range of base the BOT factory could ALSO be out of range leaving the One BUILT on the mining site the ONLY bot factory that builds BOTS at that location only .

Main base having 4 or 5 bot factories would still be ok for what ever one builds a bot . the thought being a out of MINING range A base bot factory will NOT build bots .

Hopefully i explained well enough so you get the idea .

PS for kicks and giggles I found a MY colony BUG in MY colony 2 . Ghost ships LOL a second ship or MORE in random places just floating around non clickable . Ps NOT important just funny .

PSSS some deposits DO not render so you can not see them . The reason I know this is bots will mine a empty looking spot . Really not a big deal either just FYI .

PSSS The game saves VERY very good my pc decided to update I had DONE NO manual saves and Kept all progress anyway .

anyway games progressing well may just have to buy my third Bast program . Thanks
7mo ago


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