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RE:My Colony Suspended from Google Play

2019-10-17 11:50:18
Well glad to know

RE:My Colony Suspended from Google Play

2019-10-15 14:52:41
You know Antiq game is the same platform you may try using tgat game to show my colony is fine.

RE:My Colony Suspended from Google Play

2019-10-14 19:13:35
Sounds to me like your already messed on googleplay. Even reinstating my colony by tgere own atatment means renaming tge rile - game

RE:My Colony v0.96.0 Released

2019-09-25 10:48:33
Glade the fish food is back its a real pain going from hydrophonic to food sweatshop i must have had 200 hydros befor imanaged to get food sweat shop lol

RE:My Colony v0.94.0 Released

2019-09-05 11:36:02
Bast as posted when you first brought out IT ---- NO ( IT )buildings Produce BANDWIDTH nore do any IT buildings have accutal Storage for bandwidth .
THE Building Merterials them self ADD bandwidth when BUILT and the same amount of bandwidth the building calls for to be built becomes the bandwidth you have plus the storage for it .
basicly ALL buildings that can produce bandwidth are for SHOW only as they do nothing and NO building uses bandwidth to produce resources ( Lucky thing to as if they did it would be going and not replanshied )
so in conclusion BANDWIDTH is NOT produced or used BY any buildings .

RE:Invisable tree farms and greenbots 0.91.0

2019-08-09 12:22:37
Well looks like everything green bots can build is invisable to much to. List ps alot if otger stuff invisable placing pavement invisable untill built along with buildins half of stuff invisable at some point in placibg constructing and built

Invisable tree farms and greenbots 0.91.0

2019-08-09 12:14:18
Chrome see you did a update as of now tree farms and green bots are invisable bandwidth isues no change no telling what else may be invisable will update this post if needed

RE:My Colony v0.90.0 Released - Page 2

2019-08-07 12:35:09
One other thing sorry but no accutle bandwith storage placing small server building because it is ment to make 50 bandwidth instead it gives 50 as storage storage based on how many you place... Ps small server shows storage for software only no bandwidth syorage listed which is why i believe this is a error

RE:My Colony v0.90.0 Released

2019-08-06 14:45:29
Ps bandwidth is also not listed in stettings... resource pss all buildings that require bandwidth to run do not use bandwidth to run

RE:My Colony v0.90.0 Released

2019-08-06 14:40:16
Small server building does not produce bandwidth. Placing advanced small research or sm software gives bandwidth JUST from build instead of needing bandwidth to build it gives build amount as resource. At this point no building is using bandwidth to run or needs it to build and amounth or bandwidth as resource depends on buildings Built as it gives instead of needs it to build.

My colony running minised? Accutly seams to have happened!

2019-07-30 11:59:31
O almost alows just close my chrome book making it sleep leaving chrome its self with my colony loaded in region view. Never had the ge make resources in this mode thought it eas not possidle. Well last night i did as i do leaving the computer sleep . When i awoke it a looked aty resourves i had gained over 6 k alien arts. There is no way i am mistakan as i had just bought amtiamianum tek for 1500 arts and did had right at 5 k left the a7ount gained equils what it would have been if i had let the game run these hours. Any just wondering should it even br possiblr

RE:verson 89 chrome ONLINE errors

2019-07-23 12:16:48
ps wrong form ment tp poist in bugs needless to say at this time game lets me signin but refuses to load regions saying not online

RE:Sheep farms creating atmosphere

2019-07-23 12:14:26
sheep farts will be the death of earth lol

verson 89 chrome ONLINE errors

2019-07-23 11:48:27
Switched to using off line mode BUT off line you can not get ether Game does NOT regnise even other offline colonys on other devices so no way to gift or trade
Right now I GO ONLINE with a colony SIGN IN ( WHICH requires a internet connection .try to go into my colony and get the you need to be online to use a online colony .

Ovesly I am online as the game lets me sign in .
Of corse every time you close chrome and reopen the game it will show your signed in BUT request you to sing in .
in other words the game does NOT remember your sing in even though it shows it does .
All these bug I have posted and have been in game for well over a year .
BUT I and YOU just igged them as long as i could find a way to get resources .
BUT unless you have another server issue that is no longer possible .
To be honest even if you had said at the get go that alot of the programing you put in you would not n=bother to have work right i would have still bought it .
The NO way to gift off line only worked once Heck i wrote you and posted the bug ages agaio .
the not remember your sing in has aloways been a bug a small bug as just resigning in solves it but a bug .
PS WHY DID the forms site just ask to access my camra ???

RE:Version .86 browser Game braking bug !!! critical - Page 2

2019-05-15 15:52:25
Well looks like this update was a pain for you lol .
remember though . ( what would life be without challenges .
Really I liked this update . You really have a way with bugs .No little glitches you go all out I like that .
I will say once again the new way the game saves should get ride of the city bug were you can no longer load the city .
Lord save time must be 1/4 of a second .

RE:Big Game Saving Change on v0.86.0 - Page 2

2019-05-14 17:25:34
PS hey bast the way you have the game save now should stop the saved city but cant enter bug .
really reduced saving issues i am sure .

RE:Version .86 browser Game braking bug !!! critical

2019-05-14 17:22:28
maybe it just took awile for the game to get straight I added more jobs and steel plants and labs - 300 more jobs all together .
and every thing filled like it should .
Game still seams off odd way it filled the new jobs but no matter i guess the jobs did fill .
( just left a few steel buildings compleatly empty filled them last and they were steel plants which normaly will fill first lol


RE:Version .86 browser Game braking bug !!! critical

2019-05-14 16:59:46
I am running two colony's both are showing the same effects .
one now has 355 colonists - 355 jobs the other has 647 colonists and 651 jobs .
It is odd I loge back in housing slowly filled as in 20 mints slow .
most jobs full but random buildings will show open jobs one time then be full then have open jobs .
the game will probly work this way but something is not right .
after a amount of time passes ( say ten mints buildings will slowly louse employs )
the one with 647 colonists has steel plants slowly emptying out of employs . When i first loged back in the buidlngs did refill now are once again slowly empting .
PS using AVG secure browser > Basically the same as chrome but virus proof .

PSS Stats say every thing normal NO unemployment But alest 25 % minim unemployed
housing seams to be staying full now

RE:Version .86 browser Game braking bug !!! critical

2019-05-14 16:40:50
The game is sortive working the colony has 199 colonists as such should take almost no time to fill jobs - housing .
as of running game ten mints housing is still not quite full and a few jobs not taken as it is i have 26 more colonists then jobs .
Stats show NO unemployed NO homeless againg housing not full as well .
so what every you did partly fixed the issue . A large colony with 200 k colonists would be in trouble with the time involved for jobs housing to fill .
Ill check beck again in a wile
ps i play regions only fyi

RE:Big Game Saving Change on v0.86.0 - Page 2

2019-05-13 20:14:47
to all my colony player .86 will cause your colony to collaps colonist Do not take jobs colonists Do not take housing .
A established colony the housing and jobs will empty OUT after about 5 mints
play .86 at risk of collapasing your mains
Multi tested same effect on different colonys .


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