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RE:Version .86 browser Game braking bug !!! critical - Page 2

2019-05-15 15:52:25
Well looks like this update was a pain for you lol .
remember though . ( what would life be without challenges .
Really I liked this update . You really have a way with bugs .No little glitches you go all out I like that .
I will say once again the new way the game saves should get ride of the city bug were you can no longer load the city .
Lord save time must be 1/4 of a second .

RE:Big Game Saving Change on v0.86.0 - Page 2

2019-05-14 17:25:34
PS hey bast the way you have the game save now should stop the saved city but cant enter bug .
really reduced saving issues i am sure .

RE:Version .86 browser Game braking bug !!! critical

2019-05-14 17:22:28
maybe it just took awile for the game to get straight I added more jobs and steel plants and labs - 300 more jobs all together .
and every thing filled like it should .
Game still seams off odd way it filled the new jobs but no matter i guess the jobs did fill .
( just left a few steel buildings compleatly empty filled them last and they were steel plants which normaly will fill first lol


RE:Version .86 browser Game braking bug !!! critical

2019-05-14 16:59:46
I am running two colony's both are showing the same effects .
one now has 355 colonists - 355 jobs the other has 647 colonists and 651 jobs .
It is odd I loge back in housing slowly filled as in 20 mints slow .
most jobs full but random buildings will show open jobs one time then be full then have open jobs .
the game will probly work this way but something is not right .
after a amount of time passes ( say ten mints buildings will slowly louse employs )
the one with 647 colonists has steel plants slowly emptying out of employs . When i first loged back in the buidlngs did refill now are once again slowly empting .
PS using AVG secure browser > Basically the same as chrome but virus proof .

PSS Stats say every thing normal NO unemployment But alest 25 % minim unemployed
housing seams to be staying full now

RE:Version .86 browser Game braking bug !!! critical

2019-05-14 16:40:50
The game is sortive working the colony has 199 colonists as such should take almost no time to fill jobs - housing .
as of running game ten mints housing is still not quite full and a few jobs not taken as it is i have 26 more colonists then jobs .
Stats show NO unemployed NO homeless againg housing not full as well .
so what every you did partly fixed the issue . A large colony with 200 k colonists would be in trouble with the time involved for jobs housing to fill .
Ill check beck again in a wile
ps i play regions only fyi

RE:Big Game Saving Change on v0.86.0 - Page 2

2019-05-13 20:14:47
to all my colony player .86 will cause your colony to collaps colonist Do not take jobs colonists Do not take housing .
A established colony the housing and jobs will empty OUT after about 5 mints
play .86 at risk of collapasing your mains
Multi tested same effect on different colonys .

RE:Big Game Saving Change on v0.86.0

2019-05-13 20:08:57
Critical game error Please refer to BUG section

RE:Version .86 browser Game braking bug !!! critical

2019-05-13 20:05:31
A older bigger built up colony all jobs JUST emptyed out all buildings now have no employment
The new colony exiting and reloading has partly fixed it as about half the jobs filled BUT all housing still shows empty 0/3 0/26
labs remain Almost totally empty
This bug will mess up all colonys all stages all production will stop in any colony in the matter of mints .

Buildings will part fill then empty the older colony all jobs were full now empty no jobs no hpouses showing ANY colonists

RE:Version .86 browser Game braking bug !!! critical

2019-05-13 19:48:49
ps offline colony regular play not creative

Version .86 browser Game braking bug !!! critical

2019-05-13 19:48:17
Started a totally new colony .
186 colonists - stats shown every thing is fine ( show unemployment 0 homeless 0 rating 98 %
Using Render colonists clicking on them Shows colonists working at labs or steel plants .
NO jobs filled zero every building has NO employs .
colonists walking around going in and out of buildings
Housing for 186 NO housing shows colonists living in them .
Been running this colony for 20 mints no changes tring to force colonists to change jobs ( which again all building empty but colonist stats shows colonist work at a job .
Going to load a colony that is built up and see if any effect .
BUT at this time it is not possible to get colonists to work or to take a home and yet all the stats say every thing is fine BUT again Every building shows 0 colonists working and every home shows 0 colonists living in them .


version .85 ( latest ) Browser resources taken on colony load .

2019-05-06 16:16:59
The same bugs fix after fix .
This bug still here up date after up date .
The other bugs like regions bringing in resources forever Even if you delete every thing in a city Still here
And for Antiq it ruins game play for my colony it just makes controlling how much atmosphere impossible .
City's that become unplayable because of multi saves going on ( I can keep rare knowing the cause but still in game .
This bug in which when you gift resources or get them from trades then the game decides to DELET every resource you gifted or traded for .
Is not so rare .
I Do enjoy the game But jsut cant understand how you can be programming it for two years and have not figered out why you keep having the same bugs over and over .
BTW its still possible to get a bot stuck under a building even .

RE:Online Advantages

2019-05-04 15:09:36
online - you can gift between your or other colony's very easy .
Offline The only way to gift between YOUR own colony's is using two devices .
So it makes gifting very much a pain .
Trades once you have the ship port you dont need trades for much of anything as you can import a million of almost all resources .

With the new update trades has become much more usefull and it is much more likly to find what you want

RE:Depleted Regolith !!!

2019-05-01 13:24:31
amorphous is correct but to simplfy .
Turn off all compactors sell as many as need to get 500 reg
Build mine - turn on ONE compactor so you can mine - get 500 reg build another then start turning on compactors as more comes in .
That is any under earth . under lis its much more of a pain you must balance crystals with how fast you build compactors as no reg miners on lis just the rovers and the mini mine is made with crystal .

BUT in both cases get teck up to the chemical 750 research cost build a few chip plant and build a few advanced reg making plants ( they produce 10 ore to every one reg ) ten of them works as well as many many compactors

RE:Can we talk about Aluminum generators in offline play?

2019-04-29 14:44:00
None of the cost vers resource income has ever been very good ,
Heck even now the research gen brings in 70 UR (( 4 tiles space ))wile the alien UR plant brings in 72 UR at 20 tiles space . As for the cupcake factory one can run at most two of the research centers and eat instructions so fast so two aI buildings needed .
The converter is the only way to make al - UR - alien arts and relics that can keep up with demand .

Honestly bast did make the game into a buy your way trough early game is 5 times faster to just import al AND ur and Chips and even alien arts .
It really goes against game play the end tek should not be a money using research converter .
end tek = alien for most things ( for plastic and steel and gold its works )
But for UR its bad .
end game cup cake factory is and has always been useless Only solution before the converter was a sub bug world .
But that did solve the al and alien arts issues as the end game research center takes care of al and arts .

Conclusion is the alien UR plant could be 5 times as good to match the converter rates .
and the cup cake factory could be well 5 times as good but The converter would still out do it .
That would just mean you could run them and alest gain relics fast enough to build more research centers .
But to match the converter the cup cake factory would need a boost of 10 to 15 times better .

I really dont get Bast programming style one one hand a well designed base building game on the other income that is ether very small or very large with little balance in ether direction .

The game would have been up better if buildings could be upgraded ( lv 1 steel plant first one lv 2 steel plant 2nd lv 3 more income so less buildings needed all the way up to alien which could be say a lv 10 building .
Do this with all buildings that produce any resources EXCEPT money .
Then NIX the converter

Bast maybe a new my colony REMIX take what you learned from this game and make a upgraded version
My colony Universe - My colony Galaxy's
Heck watch every one rush to buy it lol

RE:Long Term Solution?

2019-04-24 23:35:44
well first what faction you under ? earth or lis ?
Now build labs once you have a few tecks atmosphere plants show up build 50 mid size ones and then make chips then build condensers for water . This is all early game stuff you can get in a few hours btw .
as for reg early game earth has a reg miner bot which can place mines from reg you already have . Then after you get the right teck there is a reg plant that produces it auto . But its later game .
again with chips and low lv tech you can build reg plants that turn reg into ore 10 time more efficiently then compactors . BUT they take chips as well . BUT even 20 which is 1200 chips will take 400 k reg and turn it into 4 million ore


Payed game upgrade add ins .

2019-04-23 15:29:06
I know I for one would pay for good added in as a example .
Right now you have 3 game modes - OFF line - Online - and create mode .
Adding a 4th mode - a PLOP mode .
A MOD in which you still need to produce resources BUT once you have the resource you can just PLOP the building NO buidling bots needed . Early game mining bot would be needed BUT end game only one mining bot left . Crystal
Now no reason this could not be a online mod as well by making a building PLOP BUILD ala SIM CITY 4 .
PLOP the building starts building as set time each building takes to build maybe a little animated bots around it looking like they are doing the building .
This would make it possible to have this mod online and I GRANTE it would become the MOST used mode of all .

Alot of people would happly pay another 3 $ for a mode such as this .

RE:Merging bots/workers

2019-04-23 15:17:43
merging even 4 lvs would mean you could build 400 turbo bots merg them have 100 and build 4 times as fast reducing the time from 1000 mints for 500 converters down to 250 mints a HUGE difference .


RE:Merging bots/workers

2019-04-23 15:09:37
The flying idea is NIX unless bast speeds them up tremendously .
The bots path find because they are moving ON not over the tiles thus the faster TILES with pavement the bot moves faster .
the flying bots ( and there are two ) only go at one programmed speed probly 30 times slower then a AL road .
what the guy who talks about the program aspect knows mite work . BUT the merg bots idea would be simpler and cooler as a added befit is teh more you merge the faster they build .
I do know anything over 100 bots building at once the game slows .
so even a 100 Turbo construction bots building converters is SLOWWW taking about 2 mints each and wile one converter is no big deal when you are building 500 that is 1000 MINTS lol .

RE:atmos increasing

2019-04-23 14:58:10
well once you start building trash incinerators ( 25 jobs building ) they produce so much atmos you have a 100 million before you know it lol .
But at the start of a game if you want to take your time atmos will eventaly get there ( 1 million is needed for most tecks like trees .

If your in a hurry and have enough al and chips build a few of the big atmos producers even ten of them you will have a million in a few hours .
the mid size ones a 100 will do teh same the small ones will make enough to run condensers

RE:My Colony v0.85.0 Released

2019-04-20 23:22:38
BTW I can not see the sliders on the pop up stats at all any more .
my as well say they have always been so thine it was hard to click them BUT its partly my eye site so I never said any thing

RE:My Colony v0.85.0 Released

2019-04-20 22:09:42
Every one be be sure to BUILD jobs before you build housing now . Even the speed boosted cloning plant comes in so fast you cant build jobs buildings fast enough to keep up .
This new cloning better have the jobs building built lol .
PS expect a adjustment faze as well as colonists coming in so fast will show effect on stats of homeless and unemployed BUT you can iggy the stats as they will level back out withing two stats updates then start messing with how colonists are feeling .

PS works just fine having them come in so fast the game does handle it well enough .

RE:synthesize clay

2019-04-17 20:24:06
Under earth or LIS you can produce clay with the advanced DIG SITE which does not take all that long to get the teck or resources for

RE:Merging bots/workers

2019-04-17 19:57:52
posted in error wrong place opps

RE:Merging bots/workers

2019-04-17 19:52:55
I was just thinking of adding a idea for a new game mode to combat the to many bots building issues .
But this idea would be much simpler and for the research converter it would make a massive difference .
what we need to do is make a pole out of this idea maybe if we get enough people to vote (((((( YES !!!! ))))
he will add it .
need to got discord and add it there taht is were most people goto talk about the game .
From me taht is a Big thing as I cant stand discord lol

Cant build the caravan

2019-04-16 01:04:04
was showing someone the art so used create mod to place stuff .
Could not build the caravan even when i got all nesssery resources still when i clicked on it under buidlings it would go red as if i was missing a resource .
This has only been found in create mod dont know about regular maps .

RE:Black market bazaar broken

2019-04-10 20:24:54
if you bought the game use create mod and place the bazaar and see if it works then .
could be a city only issue


2019-04-09 23:19:34
Neat trades does have a fee in civic points to add stuff .
But maybe trades could have a resource fee instead ,
say you are posting 10000 steel the cost would be 10 % or a 1000

RE:Bulldozer broken

2019-04-09 23:16:17
easy to explane see the Over lord of the colony got a divorce and did not want to give his x half the colony so just dozed every thing he could .
Lucky though she ran across Buck rogers and flew off to be with him on 25 th center earth .


2019-04-09 23:12:59
they will go if you follow what i said any colonists not employed will find a school bast made the game work that way .
BUT most start in elemerty school so be sure you have thouse

Getting 150 - 200 IQ and 100 % rating

2019-04-09 02:23:12
took me forever to finely get this down pat .
Low IQ ? louse ratings ? well here is how to fix both .
Works the same no matter what stage your colony is at .
ONE IQ ok so you have schools and they are empty and IQ is at 65 .
so take 10 % of your buildings with jobs ( 2000 k colonists = 200 jobs )
and deactivate the buildings and empty them . You will then see the schools start filling up .
wate a hour more or less your IQ will go from 65 - 80 to 150 - 200 depending on what stage of the game you are at .
Now deactivate schools reactivate the jobs .
Once they are all back at work set work load on light and give them 200 coins wate 20 mints give them 200 more coins wate 20 mints give them 200 more coins .
Each time your ratings goes up then drops then goes up and so on BUT the drop is less each time after around 800 to 1000 coins the rating could be between 85 and 100 % if its 85 % it will rise on its own at this point .
also set basic income for every one around 3 to 5 coins .

That is about all it takes you need alest high schools point to get any real gains in IQ