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another question the commonwealth that i am in always asks for alot of money it says i owe him 65000 and i only have 3000 and i reject to pay what will happen to me if i kept rejecting is he another player or a just part of the game
6y ago
thanks guys u helped alot
6y ago
hey guys can someone answer my question about the game

1- a 2000-colonist colony is considered big?
2- i only have 8000 aluminim and every thing need microchips should i waste my aluminum at adv. microchip factory ?
3-how can i buy anything rather than food when i press on landing pad it only allows me to buy food?
4-civics develop very slow and i have no place to build civic centre what should i do?
5-which produce more civics bank or civic centre ?
6-what do i need money for if i can't buy any thing?
7-should i let the game on for long time until i get more stuff is this how you play it?

that it i hope someone explain this things to me :D
6y ago


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