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And it also stands for Randium Rated Rank, named for its creator, Randium.
18d ago
I have left and rejoined a few times but still have no change in my issues.

For Colonaie my link just shows up invalid and doesn’t pull up my colony. I do now have a sector location but my gifting still won’t work for anybody and as far as I know I can’t receive gifts.

And I don’t show up on any of the leaderboards. That’s not my main issue but I don’t know if that has anything to do with that.
24d ago
I thought this was all fixed but it seems I am still not located on the map and cannot gift to anybody. My sector coordinates still show as (0,0) and I have left and rejoined several times now. Is there anything we can do about this?
26d ago
Thanks @Sobe and @bastecklin! 😁
1mo ago
Thanks for adding that. I knew you could explain that way better than me.
1mo ago
Hello Bast,

Obviously it’s been a long time since I’ve played and DGUE has been kicked off the server several times but this time when I got put back on it seems I was assigned someone else’s charter code. This means Colonaie sync doesn’t work, gifting doesn’t work, and I can’t seem to even send embassies. I also have a few people in my commonwealth who have the same issue and I believe it’s because they are under my charter code. The one thing I can do is use the GBT and send messages but that’s about it.

Every time I go to gift it gives me some blurb about it being an offline colony even though they are actively chatting online and trading things. Hopefully there’s a quick fix for this.

1mo ago
After the deletion of the FFF server, I will return to my old NOZ tag. I hope you all can join us! :)
2y ago
Come on over to the FFF. With its new structure and leadership it has the potential to grow tremendously.

2y ago
It is the end of a chapter. MCA is merging into the FFF. I’d love for you to give us a look and see why I chose to do so.
2y ago
Well come on over to MCA, we would love to help you :)

Here is the invite link: https://discord.gg/8ssJqnj

And I think this post actually belongs in General My Colony.
3y ago
New fed but still rocking it in game. Come and give us a look https://discord.gg/8ssJqnj
3y ago
New name but still here :)
3y ago
Hello people. I would like to announce that we now have over 500 members and the numbers continue to rise.

Please give us a look even if you aren’t too interested in My Colony as we have many other games and are always looking for more. Suggestions welcome :)
3y ago
Come on over and look at NOZ. We have a great thing going on there ;) 500 members+ now.
3y ago
This commonwealth now has a new owner who will hopefully get this place back in tip top shape. It’s been fun :)
3y ago
Still going with the top active CW 😃 Join and find why they stay 😉
3y ago
Hey :) I like that video. If you’d like to join please do. I’d love to help a former player come back.
3y ago


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