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It works with the download folder and unlocks the app - great! it doesn't work when the file is in /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.ape.apps.networkbrowser though.
6y ago
The problem is, I can't copy the amk into some directory on the device so that the app would unlock by itself without any action by the user . Or is there a possibility to do that?
And even if I'd let the people activate manually - this doesn't work either, android doesn't know what to do with an .amk and doesn't give you an option to open it with your app.
6y ago
I emailed you on support@ but haven't heard back from you.
I’ve decided to roll out your network browser on our company cellphones. We would like to use your ad-free version but we can't use your amk-files system (already tested). Any chance we can buy an unlocked ad-free apk I could distribute to our employees phones?
6y ago


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