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Same issue
6mo ago
Trying to sell an old building and I click the sell button which brings up the X and Checkmark above it. Clicking the green check though and nothing happens.
6mo ago
I'm having this same issue after loading game. First when I load my colony doesn't show, just the black space backround but all the terrain around it loads. I scroll around a bit and eventually my colony displays but I can't select anything.
6mo ago
Same problem here since the update. Can't play at all as none of my buildings will fill with workers.
3y ago
Answered my own question. I need 5mil atmosphere for low gravity husbandry. More patience...
4y ago
Well into a game started on an asteroid and I'm wondering if it is possible to produce wool at all. Atmosphere is well over 1mil, I'm growing trees, producing oil and sugar, but I've never seen an option for the wool farms or anything like that. Am I missing anything?
4y ago


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