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I've got to say that I'm suspicious about the museums as I've peppered my planet with them weeks ago and my people are stuck on 75/76 IQ.
5y ago
Hi guys,
Is there any way to use the API for selling items in the GBOT? Looks like the API can only be used for reading items, is that right? Wanted to check before I wasted hours trying come up with something.
5y ago
Whenever I get to about 30,000 pop I have all the money, Aluminium and Alien Artefact I'll ever need I don't know what to do after that - the world more or less just takes care of itself. I end up starting a new game for the challenges of that, and yet I see maps with over 1m population so I must be doing something wrong.

What keeps you going after you have all the resources you need?
5y ago
Right-clicking the shortcut and running as administrator fixed the issue for me. That's of no use to people on mobile devices I know, but...
5y ago
Same for me on Windows 10 Desktop version. Hit the 45 update and after it successfully installed (as far as I know) the screen remains "loading".
5y ago


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