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The first time the video was presented, I really liked to watch it. But not so for the second and third,... Yes, giving the galactic gift straigt up, would be nice. The received message can still can contain the video of course! One might be actually interessting sometimes!

@bastecklein, you are absolutely right. But does it work the other way round? If I bought on on play store without ape account? And if I then register to ape and sign in? If that is the case then I was wrong. My fault then. I understood the web page that they called buying via ape to be an advantage (over other purchasing options)


My Colony is completely free, but it is supported by in-app advertising. Premium upgrade options are available on all major platforms, but if you purchase a license key directly from Ape Apps, you will recieve a license key file which unlocks the upgraded version of My Colony on all platforms! Click Here for more info.

From that quote I deducted maybe wrongly, that its not possible to transfer a premium version from android google play to a ape account to a pc version.

Btw... I watched the galactic ad video. After reading the text message. The galactic empire has a gift for me!!! Watching the video... What really? I get this advertised game for free today? Thats nice. Oh wait, its just the non-premium version, which _is_ already free for all. Ahhh I see. Its just the free resources that is a free gift. Okay fair enough... next day... Again the same free game advertised to me. Yes! And its still free. Today, tomorrow, and every time in future. What a farce. :D

Many people say I interpret too much things into words, overall. They could be right. So I dont blame anyone. But still don't like that "kind of communication".
4y ago
Yes, that's also what the ingame description says.

Problem is: I never saw two different kind of gold resources in the resource list. Could you maybe post the icons for those two resources?

I assumed, that my gold vehicles just transport gold from the gold ores to the raw material deposits, and these gold resources then can be directly used for constructing anything that needs gold. That's at least what I used to watch... But maybe I've been observing something wrong.
4y ago
1) I bought the premium account using google play store, using google play vouchers. So there is no linked account, and there is now keyfile. That's what they don't tell while selling premium accounts via google play mechanism. Anyway, I am fine with buying twice. I like the role of being a supporter.

2) The video to being optional is no excuse. You just don't do this to paid accounts! never! seriously no one does so! Yes its optional. And if you don't pay with your time (watching) then others will gain more ressources than me. Thats not how premium accounts are intended to work in general.

Admittedly, the random resources probably don't even matter. but nevertheless, it destroys the feeling and if feels wrong. You either understand it or you understand it not. It's a bit subjective.
4y ago
My experiences with My Colony:

Find the game "My Colony", suggested by a friend.
Installing it on my android phone.
Getting annoyed by the ad. How many ads do they think I am interessted in?
Buying the premiom version, as I am very sure that I would like the game.
Game crashes occasionally. Maybe due to mobile phone heat. Its not the best mobile phone.
Looking if there might be a PC version. There is one. Downloading it. Running it.
Advertisment frame appears.
Can I use my already Play-Store purchased premium version of "My Colony"?
Ok, buying it again. Also seeing some other interessting games in the shop.
Purchasing done. Advertisment frame disappears.
This game deserves financial support as its not expensive.
I receive a message of the gallactic imperial. I shall watch a video.
I receive ancient artefacts.
I receive a message of the gallactic imperial today again. Oh I need to watch the full video.
I cannot pause it, cannot unfocus it, cannot mute it.
Yes i already know i will buy some of the other games shown there.

Buying the game twice and still being f..... of advertisments because I don't want to dismiss the oil or ancient artefacts.

well, "gg", I hate you.
4y ago

Ore-Refinery makes sense. There is ore and there is steel. The Ore-Refinery converts the ore into steel.

But what are gold-refinery and aluminium-refinery doing? There is not gold ore or aliminium ore resources. or golden steel or aliuminium steel. So nothing to convert.

But what are gold-refinery and aluminium-refinery doing? I didnt understand it yet. But playing the game now only for two days or so.
4y ago


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