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I ran out of material storage, I created a new region, plotted out roads, and then queued up storage facilities to be built on 90% of available land leaving a few facilities to support the few bugs that will be there. I then leave figuring my worker bugs will build it while I am gone. I come back several hours later and discover all my bugs idle, and few buildings built. I tell the bugs get back to work they build 2 or 3 buildings and stop. This works , poorly, about half a dozen times then when I tell them to work they start doing nothing. I can give them a move order, and they will move anywhere on the map but they will not build anything.

I have actually seen this issue before, with both humans and lizards, when it happens I destroy the offending bots, build new ones and problem solved. I can't find any way to disband bugs. ok, I set bad bugs to the side, I build new bugs, the new bugs build 2 or 3 buildings and quit, same as before. Issue only affects one map in the region, all other maps bugs work correctly including when I use the same procedure of queuing the entire map to be built at once.

Reloading game or map has no effect on issue. Changing devices has no effect on issue. Changing platforms has no effect on issue.

1mo ago
I have noticed about a 20% package loss rate.
1mo ago
Your colonists say "F U if you think you can send grandma away"
1mo ago
This happens, even on offline games, when you have no Internet connection.
1mo ago


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