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I'm playing on ios, and did the latest update this morning. I just turned my offline game into an online one and then lost access to it within a minute so not sure how to get the charter code for it now. I had tried using the GBT to get some resources back after losing it all but kept getting the message that no contracts were available, then I couldn't access the chat, and now I can't even load my colony. I can't load my game or create a new online game, all it says is that I need an internet connection but I have one.

Edit: I can now load my game sometimes, and was able to get my charter code. The times I can load I get a message in the chat that connection to the server failed. I can see resources offered in the GBT until I try to click on one of the offers then it seems the connection issue starts.
4y ago
In an online single city game on ios, every single time I manually save or the game auto saves the whole thing freezes up and I have to close out and try again. If it happens while I'm trying to build I usually have to redo the work.
5y ago
I had the same issue on my online game for a long time, I found that if you save game, then go in statistics and click on your website url, that it'll help keep your progress
5y ago


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