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The game lags with high population if you have more workers than jobs.
4y ago

Come join the Commonwealth of Pagonia! We are part of a group of people who are always willing to lend a helping hand when and where you need it! Very active and generous!

Colony Name:

đź’–The Nation of Pagoniađź’–

Charter code:


Discord server:


Discord Name:



Friendly, experienced community🙂

Free trade, always a surplus of whatever you wantâť•

1000% payroll assistance, and anything else you might need or wantđź’ˇ

4y ago
Very cool! Good work and keep going! If you ever need any help with coding, just ask.
4y ago
I can double this up, one of my maps is also unaccessable however I have a feeling this is due to the game's compression and upload system.

Edit: I am using both the webapp and windows, problem still occurs.
4y ago


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