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DragonCrypt said:Same thing has been happening to me to.
Interestingly enough it only happens on my colony with 400k pop.
Everything else which is under 100k is fine and there are no problems.
When i try to load the big colony (my main) the game freezes when it reaches the "syncing data with server" stage and then quits back to the main menu with the error "Can't connect to game server. Games started in online mode require an Internet connection to play."
@bastecklein is the server getting throttled and refusing connection to large colonies or is the problem client sided?
6y ago
Seeeeaaaaaan said:The game I'm havinge quits the app and asks me if I would like report the problem.
6y ago
i had the same problem too now i can't access my colony :( also i need to get it to local again i don't want to restart shit please help
6y ago


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