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i converted my primary source of income to exporting helium 3 and thats why
what makes them come and how to stop it
some of my colonial charters have no specific planet and it does not say what platfourm they play on, help plz
commonwealth, i am the leader and even tho i kicked him out, it still spams the messages 24/7
a fake bot acount keeps spaming me with the mast retreat is online, this colony/ person needs to be baned. it is geting anoying
kekistan will be happy to make an embassy in your nation (if it has no normies of course)
kek told me that i need to make an embassy in the USSR. kek said to do it because you seem like a great ally for the fight against the normies and sjws. will you accept?
i made labs to create them but they dont seem to be produceing anything, when i look at the top of my screen, i have no storeage for either. help me plz
the republic of kekistan used to be a commonwealth of the normie nation known as [ikea] warehouse. but after continuous battles against the normies, kekistan has finally been liberated. you too can join the fight against the norimes by joining our discord here discord.gg/fr7sHpt and enter this code jXbyHUZE into the commonwealth tab of my colony to join the cause and keep kekistan liberated
no normies allowed
if you dont know what that is you are one

dont harass and bully other kekistanis
kek does not permit that at all

NEVER act like an sjw or femanist
this is the main reason kekistan took the steps to be
liberated. doing this is resetting all our progress

not really a rule but feel free to ask for as many resources you want on our discord and i will give
but if you need food or water we will be happy to give you

kekistan hopes all of its citizens to be happy and enjoy
their freedom from the normies/ have fun

100% payroll asistance
25% taxes

no more rewards because if you need anything just message me in game or on discord and i will give

as always, praise kek and have fun

the republic of kekistan is new so it does not have a large population

topic moved because people were being kekophobic
has anyon experienced one of the three letter fake account bots that somehow have 0 people and are useless to your country, how do i stop these bots
im trying tomake some money to buy aluminum but i allways seem to fall short, how do i make lots of money


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