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Seems diamond mining tech is on asteroids only..
But if that so, why do they put diamond deposit on the map, that is strange.
6y ago
Did any one know how to build the diamond refinery in ice world?
I see bunch of diamond deposit on the ground, but can't do anything to them, and there is no diamond refinery in building list.
Cannot figure out what wrong which this.
6y ago
Koko said:That can happen??

Nop, I means maybe there is no one work over there? So they product less then normal.
But still, overtime work can kill them though.
6y ago
Koko said: ... my ultra deep digging sites are producing alien artifacts very slow. I have 100 over digging sites but producing 2 pieces per every second only.

Maybe those worker just die in there.
6y ago
Maybe the hospital is not enough? Some time my colonies go to hospital and never come out, so the rest of them cannot regain there health.
6y ago
Seems colonies still will stuck when they go out the building.
(Turn off Render Colonists again)


Nop, just wait a second them they will start moving.
6y ago
Ottoich said:New Bug: Bulldozer ignores the brightness level

I think he means the layer of light is always on top of all building, even the light layer should cover by another building.
See the red light of landing pad on below, it should cover by microchip factory.

By the way, the light seems darker in my map, not sure it a bug or not.

And there is another layer issue in 0.46.
6y ago
Ottoich said:you are sure you want to share it with everyone?

Just edited, I am also thinking about the same problem. Did you get the file?
6y ago
Ottoich said:so it may be the atmo.... but fell free to send me your game file in a conversation, I will have look later the day if you want.

6y ago
Ottoich said:how many atmo do you have? can you check if a currently dying colonists has a house? can you check if your food consumption is ~x4 your population? is the entertainment 300 tiles away from the houses?

7 days ago I have about 56,000,000 atmo, right now it down to 52,000,000.
Seems I need take a month or more to decrease atmo.

And yes, one of the dying colonist is sleeping in the house on v0.43, I find him because there is no protest beside the capitol and system says a colonist dead (I reload 3 4 time to find him).

My colony living peaceful for a long time ago in the same building layout on preview version, although I don't have any Ancient Alien because there no need to decrease atmo in that time.

Right now there still random dying, but I am not sure it's the same way between v0.45 and v0.43.
It seems they are just normally protest until death on v0.45, but still don't know the reason.

This is my colony layout and resource data.
6y ago
Dfrocha said:Entertainment and litter also are cause of death....

Oh I forgot mention the entertainment and the money of sick colonies also enough, they don't often appear in there, also my approval rating is 99% to 100%, and my trash always keep under 300.

The hospital is 6/100, the 6 colonies are save by the stimulus package, not because they don't have money (at least 1000$ each), it because they are angry for unknown reason and refuse go hospital, park, even protest.

I have reload game after a colony dead, and I found he is dying when he sleeping, in normal case, sleep will recover health, but his health just keep go down at sleeping.
6y ago
Rush is fine, it's nice to see the developer do quick bug fix.

Hope the random death of colonies will fix too, because until now I still don't know how to stop them keep dying.
(Already keep them at light work, enough hospital, food, water, job, even the short distance and turn off the render)

Right now I'm struggle to play or not because my colony need reduce atmosphere to keep them alive, but they are already dying for unknown reason.
6y ago
colbya said: Better check the kid he may have super powers .

It's too bad there is no job for a reporter, also no telephone booth.

bastecklein said:...the age has no impact on whether or not they find a job..

It's sound ok to me, right now I am much worry about death rate.
Yet, my colony only use landing pad though.. (try to keep the population at 2000)
6y ago
I don't use cloning facilities, but still get 1 year old baby labor from regular landing pad, it kind strange.
Now my colonists average age is about 10 years old..
6y ago
Just found some of their happiness drop super quick even I use stimulus package charge them to 100% ($300).
After use stimulus package, turn off "render colonists", wait one or two minute and turn of "render colonists" again, some of them back on protest. It's very annoying.

Right now the only thing I can do is close this game and wait some solution, because it cant do nothing and watch them keep dying. Now all the new colonies are like babies because the new one start from 0 years old, and they keep dying too. It's horrible.
6y ago
Same things happened to me.
* 100% health + enough hospital space
* 100% Approval Rating
* turn off Render Colonists
* light work policy
* Average and Midden all >$900 colonists savings

And they still keep dying, even the tourists too.

Oh, by the way, I have lot baby age (4~5 years) colonists worker and my average age is 10 years old, it's that normal???
6y ago
I always save exit and wait few second then restart colony after fire drill, it seems all back normally after restart game.
6y ago
I have 56,000,000... and my colonies are only have 2000 cause I try to keep this number (not a fan of big city).
It too slow to drain the water with number of colonies even have enough condensers.
6y ago
"Once atmosphere surpasses the 15 million mark, colonists will begin getting sick."

OMG my colony have over 56,000,000 atmosphere and I just have 2000 colonists, now I have build a massive Atmosphere Condenser to reduce those stuff and sold them by manual .

I just see this post, https://www.ape-apps.com/viewpage.php?p=1945
6y ago


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