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First time writing in these forums to defend Cocobob and Luker for this silly/childish complaint. This is one of the most supportive and overall chill online communities I have ever seen and its truly one of the reasons I play this game. Cocobob and Luker are two pillars of this community online daily and are quick to respond to questions/offer support. Don't get me wrong Cocobob can be a bit of a troll but if anything he trolls in a funny way that I don't feel ever means an harm. Todays event in chat was a complete joke and if anything Vas is responsible for the way chat turned negative today. There was a political discussion taking place in chat when Vas came in and told everyone they had no right to talk politics. Vas was told he could turn chat off an/or ignore it but choose to make it an issue and causing more drama. Then Vas continued to add to the drama by remining in chat and bragging about the report he submitted.
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