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Has any progress been made on either of these 2 issues?

Issue 1: one of my sub cities in a region - civics build up to about 3k then reset to 0, over and over again. Other sub cities they build up correctly.

Issue 2: as Draconians, resources seem to reset to 0 after leaving the game and then returning.

I've seen other people post on both of these issues as well.
4y ago
I have the same problem.
Playing as LIS, just declared independence, have 3 cities in a region. If I go to my main first city, civics build up appropriately. If I go to a sub city, civics build up to 3k or so, then reset to 0. I have a production of about 1k per minute, and 0 consumption buildings.
4y ago
Hi gamers,
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4y ago


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