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I've read similar issues of not being able to access the premium version of my colony 1.
I was playing MC1 on my old laptop that unexpectedly died and I was unable to retrive my game. I have replaced it with a similar model with similar specs, i don't require top specs for what i use the machine for. I downloaded MC1 which is what i call a playable demo, started it and logged in, premium purchase was acknowledged and i started to play. i did check to see if there was an online save of my previous game but none was found so back to square one. When i first purchased MC1 i received a different copy that i could play offline, what i discovered when i returned to my new game i had started that the only way i could play the premium version was online only. So, the obvious question, is it possible to convert the demo game into a permanent premium version (assuming the developers can create a patch that will enable this).
many thanks in advance. merlins (very itchy) beard
6mo ago
Samsung A5 (2017). Android.
Since upgrading to .46 then .47 with no change in circumstances. Google Play will activate (randomly) during the game. Usually with the William hill betting app with several other apps closely following it. Norton antivirus is constantly active and no threat appears to be present and all other apps on my phone has had this problem.
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