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nonobosss said:
moonymoon said:Is Win 10 version updated? I deleted the game and redownload today, but it still in version 0.51.

you know that it auto updates when its available right?

Actually, I didn't know. It happened to me that I was 2 versions behind and didn't upgrade automatically.
4y ago
Is Win 10 version updated? I deleted the game and redownload today, but it still in version 0.51.
4y ago
I knew trash will make population health decrease, but how much of them will begin its the influence?
I can find a cut point for atmosphere, but I can find any for trash. I use microincinerrators to manage trash to maintain some trash for ant paste.
4y ago
nunez499 said:It's a incentive! Focus on getting massive storage then I can give you your starter pack

storage is not that cheap for a starter though....😀
4y ago
I was taken 99.9999% of my cash but I know this is necessary to maintain the balance between old and new colonies.
V0.50 make self-support with money-making building more important than before; thus, will force players with large colonies to use these building more, or maybe treat the salary they pay with more cautious, too.
For me, this means cloth factory finally become part of my plan. And, as I'm not a GBT dependent online player, thanks to the system to get rid of so many (useless) zeroes on my cash column.
Good job Bast.
4y ago
On my way to rebuilding my colony, I found some bug related to embassy

1. I accidentally destroy an embassy from my bugs' colony and it just disappears, I cannot send a new one from bugs colony (it said I have done so) or find the old one in ...anywhere. It's just gone.

2. I received an embassy with the name of my own colony this morning (what the ??!!)...which I believe should be an embassy from "Azca Empire"; and I cannot find the embassy with the name "Azca Empire", either.(miss in space?)

I play on win10 version

4y ago


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