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Still not fixed with a brand new game on new Microsoft Store install. For some reason it only installs 1.5.0 but the game is unplayable now :(
2y ago
Same - very annoying. Glad to see what the problem was. May start a new game a watch that - otherwise I keep getting asked if I'm every going to do anything about the health crisis.
2y ago
Yep, perfect - got it. Just had to wait longer I guess. Eventually, I got a popup letting me know that immigrations were allowed again.
3y ago
Thanks, I thought there should be a monetary figure there, but the cost of independence is only 390,000 civics.
I'm playing a "region" for the first time if that matters?

Thanks again.
3y ago
Hi, I had a bad time financially and couldn't pay taxes to got an immigration embargo. I am now loaded, but can't see where to pay the outstanding tax. I thought that I could just wait for the regular collection to happen and everything would sort itself out, but that has not happened.

First of all, where can I see if/that I am still under embargo? Where can I see how much I owe, and then, how do I pay?

3y ago
BruceZ27 said:About atmosphere, is it possible to have too much of it?

Yes, I believe you need to keep it under 15m.
3y ago
Me too - splash screen opens and then shuts after a few seconds. Just started happening this morning.
4y ago


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