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I have the same question, but I can only sell 500 of an item...
5y ago
Awesome :D
6y ago
Same thing happened to me.
6y ago
I support that.

A high interaction of player to player would not only make more features, but make the game less boring. This would increase trade, it would be more playable with friends, maybe even diplomacy could be added.
6y ago
Just had to refresh the app, then it started to work.
6y ago
There is someone working in the Granmariticus, however you spell it, and there is no research being generated at all.
6y ago
Ok, thank you.
6y ago
I haven't been on My Colony for about a year or so, I remember that there was a way if checking all colonists that are unemployed AND a possibility of configuring their salary.

I couldn't find a way to do it with this version and so I am requesting help if there is any way to configure salary or check all unemployed colonists.
6y ago


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