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Colonists with an intelligence score too low can't use the higher tier education.
3y ago
You don't need to worry about the graphics, you've built in a modding tool. Just look at Minecraft or better yet Dwarf Fortress. All they put in that game are ASCII graphics; much worse than Minevraft in that regard, and the fans have created several great graphics packs for it.
4y ago
If you're on an abandoned world, asteroid, or lunar map you can make revolith miners. Otherwise you have to import it until you get fairly late game (ancient alien lguage tech) and can make the ore zapper.
5y ago
My Colony v0.88.0 to .89
Windows 10

I open the app and it says there's a new update. I click yes to update, it

downloads the update, runs the setup, and shows the link to thw new patch

notes, but it still reads as v0.88. Reopening the app, it says there's a new update

again and goes through the same thing.
5y ago
My Colony v0.88.0 Windows 10

I was selling star ships at 75 million per 100 when the default price was at over 100 million. I sold one 1 or 2 lots like

this, and at the next it said it wasn't accepting anything greater than 50 million per 100 and put a strike on my account.

When I lowered it to that it said 48 million instead, and finally accepted 40 million. Could you get that strike removed?
5y ago
So what exactly qualifies something as a good deal? I just tried it again at 50 million per 100 and the offer at the botyom of the list is more than 4 billion per 100.
5y ago
My Colony v0.86.0 Windows 10

I place an offer to sell starships on the GBT and it doesn't appear in the offers list.
After a few days I get the starships back when they don't sell, so it appears to be tracking tracking everything correctly, the offer just doesn't appear just doesn't appear in the list, so no one can buy them.
5y ago
Try going into the engine settings and turning multithread pathfinding off and on. It'll make them start working again if I'm understandong what's going on right.
5y ago
Copy save file between pc/mobile device. Don't know if there's any way to automatically update it from a cloud or something.
5y ago
Illegal revenue is probably listed for tax reasons. You need to report on all your ill-gotten gains or you're going down for tax fraud like Al Capone.
5y ago
No change with updates to v0.82.0 and v0.83.0 Just stuck on initial loading screen forever. Tried reinstalling several times.
5y ago
Windows 10 through the Ape Apps Launcher. It's the current version of My Colony (v0.81.0 I think, can't check for sure if the app doesn't load.)

I click to open My Colony in the Ape Apps launcher, it starts to open the program, but gets stuck on the loading screen perpetaully (though I can alt-f4 out.) This started happening immediately after the update and continues after I shut the computer off for the night and restarted it the next morning.
5y ago
After checking ghe reference site, I can say they're useless
5y ago
Use a font that doesn't make a capitol i look like a lowercase l in game. That keeps messing up my charter code.
5y ago
No, I bought them for $60 million then resold them.
After that I misclicked on the exit to desktop button before saving so now the trades are on the market but I have my $60 million back.
5y ago
Sorry. I misclicked on the exit tondesktop button after using the GBT.
I bought 200 starships, then resood them at a slightly higher price, before misclicking. Now my colony (SUYJcIBb) has $60million more than it should, and you should deduct those.
I thought it was appropriate to put this here when I saw what this thread was, and I haven't used direct messages on here before.
5y ago
My Colony v0.76.0
Windows 10 via the Ape Apps Launcher

I get the message from the Galactic Emperor and click to watch the video, and the window opens but the video doesn't play, showing the video thumbnail with the large red and white play button. When I click it, the windows closes and I'm reminded to watch the full video to get the reward.
5y ago
My Colony Version 0.76.0 on Windows 10 via Ape Apps Launcher
I purchased a large quantity of materials from the GBT (50m steel, 6m gold, 5m uranium,
43k ancient instructions, and a few million of other resources.)

After posting the trades, and after receiving the resources I saved.

After loading the save a day later all these resources were gone, and my last purchase (3m clay came through.)

After accepting the clay I saved, and reloaded the game again. They disappeared as well.

When I saved I had the resources. When I loaded I didn't.
5y ago
Ape Apps Launcher on Windows 10, My Colony v74-75

My population is 127,719. I have 19,551 entertainment slots, 315 of which are being used.

I also have 33,712 medical slots (1,074 large medical clincs, 79 advanced medical research centers, and 6 medical clinics.)

My health is at 79% and dropping, but my colonists are always complaijing about depression which I've been led to believe is alleviated by using entertainment.

I have everyone on a light workload so they have plenty of time to do these things. What else do I need to do to make these idiots go to the doctor?
5y ago
Transfer the save file onto the right directory on your computer.
5y ago


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