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Just built a huge row of more distilleries, seems to have started production of rum again, I dont know why my others just stopped...
6y ago
Got distilleries, Rum Cellars, and Pubs, in almost equal amounts (3 rows, theres 1 less pub) see the attached pic if possible, I zoomed into the rows in question....what consumes Rum? Do i just need to build more Distilleries and RumCellars?
6y ago
Hi, I am using Linux Ubuntu, not the newest version, Im on 14.04 and I run a different desktop environment to the default one (Mate) as I prefer this style of desktop, it made the transition from Windows easier a while back and I just stuck with it.

I have My Colony, My Planet, and Antiquitas so far and all 3 have run smoothly. It is nice to have a straight forward process for once, it is usually a headache getting things to run.

I haven't even had to use the Facebook/Browser version of this game as it has just worked out of the box. I am running 64 bit on this system, but it is capable of both 32 and 64 bit OS's.

Only compatability issues I have had is with my Raspberry Pi (Pi3 model B) Now this runs a variant of Linux called Raspbian (Raspberry Pi + Debian) and I could not get it to run in the same method (downloading the tar-ball file and extracting etc) or by using the .deb package but it did play on the Pi through my browser using the Facebook version, which is good enough for me.

Just for reference the Pi is capable of both 32 and 64 bit and the CPU is a 1.2 GHz 64/32-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53. The ram and graphics are limited as the whole thing is the size of a credit card. It played your facebook version without the flash player which was handy as the main browser on Raspbian is Chromium (an open source version of Chrome) and it has been a pain in the butt to get Flash running on that browser....

All in all I am well happy with the downloaded/offline version of My Colony for Linux

Thank you!

PS answering your question:

I first tried the manual method as thats usually the way things go with Linux..
The .deb and .rpm were a bit of a headache, I didn't have any luck with them, the .deb is specifically aimed at Linux Debian systems so is incompatible with others like Ubuntu and I couldn't set up the .rpm version on my system either.

It was so much easier as it is from your main site, where you have the list of different platforms. When downloaded as a .tar.gz file, I can just extract either with a right-click/extract or a [~$ tar xvzf filename.tar.gz] command and just double click the main icon in the directory, and it runs instantly...it didn't even need installation it just runs from wherever the directory is saved....USB or anywhere!
6y ago
Thanks, the save files are encoded in Base64, easy enough to decode into json...but I dont really want to cheat by speeding up buildings or adding res etc I just wanted to access data and specs, I hope the Devs notice that it's actually quite easy to edit saves (once you've extracted them) may need a patch coz it could be really easy to create an empire like this, I like the grind, so wont be faffing round with that :)
6y ago
Thanks - I have just had a mess round and found these on Linux version too:

w = Idle Vehicles
e = Encyclopedia
t = Tech tree
s = Stats

Arrows = General movement/scrolling
+ = Zoom in (Without Shift)
- = Zoom out (Without Shift)

I was using shift with the + and - (as thats how you would type them) and it is just pressing them without the Shift button :)
6y ago
I am learning Python programming and it would be awesome as a learning project, to be able to view things like stats and progress from my game through Python...I may even be able to write some little scripts to run alongside my gameplay to track certain things and monitor progress etc...

Had a look through the download files on Linux version but nothing really jumping out at me, so thought I'd ask here :)
6y ago
Thank You for making these games available on Linux (especially My Colony) - and so easily, without the usual command terminal trickery needed to install/setup and run!

You guys are Awesome!
6y ago
I am playing on Linux and I noticed that my girlfriend (on Windows) can just use the mouse roller to zoom out and in easily - my Linux OS doesn't seem to have this driver installed by default, so I can't zoom out.

Not an issue at first, but as my Colony grows its a bit hectic on my screen when I am zoomed right in - I would just like to see if theres a key-shortcut to zoom out.

I've tried things like SHIFT+Arrows, CTRL+Arrows, plus and negative signs (with shift), and also had a nose through the encyclopedia but can't seem to see much on this.

Are these available?
If so, does anyone have a short list of the main keyboard shortcuts please?
6y ago
I want to just take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you, for making games available on all platforms - I am a Linux OS user, and I usually struggle when it comes to games...I know I could play on facebook or something, but I like to have the offline versions installed on my system - this has been the easiest game I have ever set-up on Linux! Just extract the files and hit the main icon - no command terminal, no awkward googling multiple answers and attempts, just BAM and Im playing!

I have been playing My Colony, it all started when my Girlfriend had an update on her Windows system, the new update gave her this game, and I liked the look of it....thought I was going to have to make do with the browser version thru Facebook but found that most of your Apps are available on Linux!

Thank you for making this an easy and straight forward process...
6y ago


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