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The main concern of my colonist is fatigue... Any tips on how to address fatigue? I can't seem to figure it out.

I honestly don't understand how to keep my colonists content. They protest no matter what.
My colonists get ill and start protesting, although there is available space in the hospitals. They also protest and have a happiness of 0%, although hardly any of them uses the entertainments options. They have enough savings to go to the pubs, but the colonists don't. They don't even use the green domes, which are free.

Tried taxing them and then giving a stimulus package of 300, but that had only minimal effect if any.

EDIT: I also have a living wage of $4, and have had that for a few days. Doesn't seem to help.

Any thoughts?
4y ago
I have this problem too. Colonists are protesting and unhappy, but they don't use entertainment.

I have lots of green domes, but I can count on one hand the times I've actually seen that any colonists have visited them. The same goes for pubs and internet relay booths... 90% of the pubs, at least, I have never seen anyone visit, and I have never seen anyone visit the relay booths. The colonists are protesting and leaving the factories with a happiness of 0%, but the entertainment options have been available, but vacant, all along.

Feels like a huge bug. Or am I misunderstanding something?

Maybe my colonists need more savings before they want to visit the pubs? But green domes and relay booths are free...

Does anyone know what this is about?
4y ago


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