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5y ago
Actually I think the civics income is very wrong. Something is not correct.
5y ago
Man i think i got the answer. By Auto-trade the extra water and food it consumes everything.
5y ago
I have an issue with my colony, Etten-Leur.

I cant really say if it is a bug or not, but the civics are not growing as fast as it should be.
I just dont know why is it not growing...

Thx and regards,

5y ago
I wonder if there is a possibility...
5y ago
New to the game? Or old player who want to grow fast?
Etten-Leur is waiting for you!

Join now and get free PAINTING ASAP after joining, +100 Starships right after you reached 50k citizens.
The helpful friendly community awaits!

Charter id: M3FNnp0D

See you soon!
5y ago
@bastecklein Sure thing!
OSX, Safari browser, medium size map.
5y ago
That worked like a charm! Thx a lot @bastecklein! :)
5y ago
Anyone else with a possible solution?
5y ago
Hi Bastecklein, issue did not solved, just tried your suggestion. :(
Still, whatever I build, whatever I do, I am still loading to the same state of game, no progress from that point has been saved.
5y ago
Same issue for me. Its always reverting to a previous saved city, cant do any progress.
5y ago
I have the same issue, after loading I always have the same state of the game, regardless of the progress I made.
5y ago
I am still having issue with the Government's rating. It suddenly drops a lot, from 90% to 35%, and climbs back again. People r complaining about homelessness, but I have 0 homeless on the other graph.
5y ago
Hard to proceed if only factories got a little storage, a depo would be awesome! :)
5y ago
Where is the fire drill button? Man...
5y ago


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