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wait you had in in your workstation this whole time?!?!?!?
for about 3 months by now i've been thinking about an animator where you can move and rotate your tokens joints, what position they are looking at and also their lipsyncing.

there should also be a part of the app where you can import or record your own sounds.
but will v15 be coming to the mobile ports of the game
wonder what E2M6 will be like
as being a fanmade level (by me) this could be an offical map added into the game or not.
download the map here:
thanks brandon!
in the map creator, you will be able to change the health, weapon and not shooting the player, in minimum security, there are prisoners that stab you even though you are a prisoner as well, also a betrayer mode where the enemy will shoot the others and protect the player.
maybe in chapter 3 there will be a forest level with snipers and reptiles
multiplayer has maps from other players, and i thought, we need a browser for these maps whilst also having a feature to copy the map and put it in the mods section of that map, the creator of the map can remove these mods because of making it no fun, removing things important for the map and spawning right next to the exit. this may make the D3D community happy, or unimpressed.


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