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I've been playing My Business Empire on my Pixel 2, Android v. 9 Stock, non-rooted and the Game immediately Crashes upon launch. Please fix!
5y ago
I'm using the Android App on a Google Pixel 2 (Version 0.51).
The automatic Message from the Galactic Emperor offering a gift in exchange for the time watching a Video appeared in my Game-Inbox, but clicking "watch" immediately crashes the App.
6y ago
I have built a small Sports Stadion (Android Version 0.43) and as the building completed I was shown the "Upgrade" -Button within the structures context-menu, which I clicked.
However, it turns out I cannot build any Medium Stadion at this point - thus I think the "Upgrade"-function should not be available until one effectively can upgrade any certain building.
Clicking the Upgrade-Button turned my small stadion into a construction site and therefore basically rendered it essentially useless.
6y ago
Hi everyone

there is this centered Button at the very bottom of the screen (Android Version) that give you a quick access to the available building construction despite capabilities of any currently selected building rover. Buildings that are currently unavailable due to some missing resources have a red-ish kind of background.
I think it would be really helpful to have like e.g. an asterisk behind the buildings which you don't own any at all.
There is a suggestion to have a building-count that could be implemented this way, too like showing the number of buildings in brackets - however the idea behind my suggestion is not to show the count of a certain building type but to show if there is a single building of any given type at all - since some resources are generated by certain buildings and as such are crucial to advance the colony in general.

6y ago


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