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JaxxSilva said:Unique idea, and nice art example. You can get more land though already through the Capitol building, so you wouldn't need another world for land. And there's no real reason I can think of that you'd need to send specific colonists from one world to another.

for one the idea is for organization, so you can have one world for production of a certain material, or something like that, and another for something else.
this may also help with lag so only a part of you colony is being loaded, and possibly you can choose to make it load without you there.
i really like the "All buildings will require large amounts of power as they are floating."
that would be a cool challenge
i like it, but seems too complex, maybe just simplify it a bit
i like this too, add a poll saying yes or no so they can add it
Idk if this would be good, but adding a building that lets colonist travel between colony's. this could help if you run out of land, or you just want to keep things organized. i saw another post about public transportation and this could be an addition on to that.

this is what it could look like, im thinking the colonist could stand next to it waiting for the others to be dropped off at the other world
i would like to use this as the hipster bar in a mod
if people could do this, they could create building that give them every resource possible very fast. maybe mods with added buildings could have a special tag, and that tag ether wont let them use it in online worlds, or disables all added buildings once coming back to an online world
i think maybe more things for the colonist to be mad about would be a good addition. i would also like to have a way to know how many people are upset, and a way to tell what each protester wants.
or make paths that act as bus routs


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